Everyone In Paris Is Wearing A Leather Beret

We're on the final leg of the spring 2018 collections, so it's understandable if you've got street style fatigue. But the good news is that everyone always brings out the best of the best for Paris, so it's like getting a recharge after you've been walking around with your phone at 3% all day.

Day one of the Paris shows included Dior, and oh did people commit to showing Maria Grazia Chiuri some love! The designer's maxi dress with a sweetheart neckline was spotted in at least four different versions — truly there's one for every mood! And we haven't even gotten into the whole black beret thing. When we saw them go down the runway last season, we were intrigued. But after spotting it on so many women outside the shows, well, it's status has officially been upgraded to need now. As for the rest of the looks? It's quintessential French-girl style at its finest filled with all the most covetable vetements around. (And no, we're not just talking about pieces by Demna Gvasalia).

The patterns, textures, and colors here give the illusion that Yasmin Sewell is wearing multiple pieces when, in fact, it's just one pretty amazing dress.
Take the crochet trend into fall with a knit sweater and coordinating cardigan.
Rather than around your shoulders or around your waist, tie your sweater around your chest like a crossbody bag.
The asymmetrical hemline is in, y'all.
Dress down an silky slip for daytime with a utilitarian jacket and pair of combat boots.
Rock and roll on the top, princess pink on the bottom.
A conventional patchwork top and a not-so-conventional pair of patchwork pants.
Layer an extra-large tee over a classic button-up for added dimension.
If you're not into the beret trend, may we suggest the conductor cap?
Tie a neck scarf on it! It's the easiest way to accessorize!
Two statement-makers are always better than one.
Now this is how you colorblock.
A suit and sneakers. The so-'80s combination we can't help but love.
In case your outfit needs a little something extra, try the half-tuck. It costs nothing, but can make a major difference.
Channel your high school days with a varsity-style jacket.
Are they jeans? Are they leather pants? We love a good style optical illusion.
Wear your crossbody hiked all the way up, like so.
Proof a puffer vest can be fashion.
If you're going to wear bright blue, might as well make it velvet too.
Photographed by Cris Fragkou.
Yellow is slowly taking over millennial pink as the color du jour, and this outfit is making a really good case for its eventual supremacy.
Photographed by Cris Fragkou.
Ok but we aren't ready to let go of pink just quite yet. (Also red and pink have emerged as the color combination of the season and we are l-i-v-i-n-g for it.)
Photographed by Cris Fragkou.
Great hair is always your best accessory.
Photographed by Cris Fragkou.
An example of why the leather trench with fur trim is considered a classic.
Photographed by Cris Fragkou.
You should 100% have a pair of statement glasses in your arsenal.
Photographed by Cris Fragkou.
White shoelaces are an awesome (and easy!) way to add excitement to an outfit.
Photographed by Cris Fragkou.
Contrasting colors in your outfit is cool, but when you start messing with textures, that's how you know you've truly made it next level.
Photographed by Cris Fragkou.
Pattern mixing is definitely an advanced level of putting an outfit together. The rule is usually to keep it in the same color palette and size, but Susie Bubble knows how to break the rules.
Photographed by Cris Fragkou.
We've long been fans of the cropped jacket and the high-waist pant combo, and it looks like Giovanna Battaglia-Engelbert is on our team too. Not bad at all!
Photographed by Cris Fragkou.
We've loved velvet suits since that Tom Ford Gucci collection, and we love this one too.
Photographed by Cris Fragkou.
It's always great when friends' outfits perfectly complement each other.
Photographed by Cris Fragkou.
Christine Centenera's goth look is everything.
Photographed by Cris Fragkou.
You should absolutely pair your track jackets with non-sporty pieces.
Photographed by Cris Fragkou.
We are green with envy over this chic and comfortable jacket. We also apologize for the pun.
Photographed by Cris Fragkou.
If you zoom into this photo you'll notice that her green velvet pants match her green velvet purse which also match her giant emerald ring and it's so good you might have to take a seat. Proceed with caution.
Photographed by Cris Fragkou.
A cool dress and white boots is the easiest recipe for outfit success.
Photographed by Cris Fragkou.
Head-to-toe animal print is always a winner.
Photographed by Cris Fragkou.
Silver boots can really elevate even the most ripped pair of jeans.
Photographed by Cris Fragkou.
If you pretend bright colors are neutrals, you will always come out with a winning combination.
Photographed by Cris Fragkou.
Emily Holland is an Autumn vision in a maxi dress with all-black accessories.
Photographed by Cris Fragkou.
We've seen a lot of white socks during this fashion week, and they're really working overtime in this graphic black and white look.
Photographed by Cris Fragkou.
This velvet dress is making us want to lay down on the ground and make "fallen-leaves" angels.
Red boots always make an outfit.
A glossy black leather trench is one way to stand out from the crowds.
A Jacquemus twisted polka dot blouse is just weird enough to go with absolutely everything.
Go ahead and wear that formal gown during the daytime.
Who knew leather and suede were such a killer combination?
Only Karlie Kloss could pull off a conductor hat with a ballgown.
Double the Dior, double the fun!
We're not sure what the best part of this outfit is. Is it the glasses with the almost invisible frames? The thick topstitching on her fantastic jacket? The leather lanyard hanging from her neck?
When in doubt, go with a graphic tee.
Pleats, patent leather, and pointy yellow pumps — yes, please!
A perfect example of mastering the art of layering.
Okay, we are definitely adding a leather beret to our fall must-have list.
Another example of why Veronique Tristram is one of our favorite street style stars. (If you look closely you can see the giant circular cut-out on her dress, how cool is that?)
Should we add a leather choker to the shopping list as well? (Yes.)
This season, we've seen maxi dresses paired with sneakers and with shower sandals. So why not pair it with chunky boots?
We love an unexpected pop of color in an accessory.
We always love a cool mix of patterns.
And another beret! Maybe they just hand them out at the airport once you land at de Gaulle?
White boots are a great way to make autumn colors stand out.
We're forever fans of the half-tuck.
A classic trench will never steer you wrong.
Dress up an oversized knit and loose-fitting jeans with some printed, pointed-toe heels.
Let your jacket hang off your shoulder just so.
Top off your all-black look with an oversized denim jacket.
Just a little bit of velvet for those chilly fall days.
Are those...patent leather sneakers?
Sock boots are the shoe of the season, in case you haven't heard.
No Kirakira+ needed for those Chanel booties.
Over the past few years, we've seen the camel coat reign supreme. This time around, it's still the outerwear of choice.
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