It's Baaack: 'Tis The Season For Street Style

Over 10 years since street style officially became a thing, dressing for Fashion Week has become an art: It's the art of looking elevated, while still looking like yourself. It's the art of dressing up, but also dressing for the throws of New York City's public transportation system, cobblestone streets, and often-unpredictable temperatures. It's about knowing what looks best in candid photos (hey, you gotta play up the proportions you've been given), looking up-to-date but not try-hard, and mixing and matching just so. It's also about being prepared for when that shoe you thought was comfy gives you blisters, and when that sweater you thought wasn't too itchy, well, is.

With the right styled/unstyled, high/low mix, everyone has the potential to nail just the right balance — and we were impressed by the amount of showgoers who really have the whole street style thing down pat. Ahead are the ones who made it look easy, because speaking from experience, it's not as easy as it looks.

Category is: Midi skirts.
Mom-jean game strong.
We still aren't tired of the metallic pleated skirt.
Head-to-toe red looks were a-plenty this week.
..And pops of red were, too.
What can we say? We're feeling ourselves this NYFW.
Irene Kim is comin' in hot.
A very fluffy sidekick.
Ready for (street style) combat.
Taking parachute pants to a whole new level.
Proof that fanny packs can look totally chic.
A delicious pairing of mesh and plaid.
Lisa Aiken can't get enough of this golden yellow.
Awaiting the Maryam Nassier Zadeh show.
Things are getting fruity.
Polka dots are the name of the game.
Nikki Ogunnaike is mixing stripes and camo like a pro.
Some really great shirting is happening here.
It's a sister thing.
Long live the knotted waist belt.
How to not overdress for fashion week.
This quirky 'fit works oh-so well together.
Here's one way to make use of a duster bag.
These textures are a feast for the eyes.
Sorbet color pairings are ruling the streets.
Sheer as can be.
Stripes on the move.
So. Many. Sequins.
Dress-over-pants done right.
Note to self: Wear Doc Martens with a maxi dress.
Laurel Pantin knows a thing or two about mix-and-matching.
All of the yes.
Oh, hey, Solange.
Proof that you can't go wrong with the classics.
Feeling green with envy over this dress.
Feminine nighty + Oversized blazer = Genius.
Catching a laugh between shows.
This crisp white jacket is calling our names.
Head-to-toe stying inspo.
This girly dress pairs so well with some minty Chucks.
Another day, another suit.
Sleeves that demand to be noticed.
This skirt brings the drama in the best way possible.
Hailey Baldwin is nailing the retro vibe.
We need these feather situations on our feet, like, yesterday.
Taking notes for our next crosswalk moment.
Not matching, but coordinating all the way.
Eva Chen is embracing the fringe comeback.
An off-the-shoulder look that still feels fresh as can be.
White socks and trainers, all the way.
Orange you glad we captured this outfit? (Sorry, had to.)
Long live summertime.
All buttoned up.
Show off that midriff.
Printed pants, for the win.
This is the fanny pack styling trick we can't get enough of.
Another crop-top sighting.
Prints, prints, prints.
Pink and red is the color combination that can't be stopped.
Happy socks and sandals season, y'all.
So many trends in one photo, we can hardly count.
Pink from head to toe.
Styled to the T.
Was she just born this cool?
For long fashion-week days, Birks are the way to go.
We're all about a single statement earring.
All in stride.
Get that gingham, gal.
Go oversized or go home.
Finish it off with some polka-dot shoes.
Easy, breezy.
The oversized blazer is taking over this season's street style scene.
A lesson in transitional dressing: bulky on the top, breezy on the bottom.
This color combo gets an A+ from us.
Same goes for this one.
All pink, all the time.
The bold, head-to-toe hues are winning over our hearts.
Photo-worthy to say the least.
Lisa Aiken, fashion director of NET-A-PORTER, just being a ray of sunshine.
More head-to-toe pink.
How not to get lost in the street style crowd? Wear this color.
Another skirt-set sighting.
Photographed by Cris Fragkou.
The denim jacket will never go out of style.
No, you're not the only one who sees a resemblance.
Adding white boots to our fall shopping list, stat.
Camouflaging with the surroundings.
These sparkly Chanel boots are a street-style favorite.
Proof that simple neutrals can be striking as anything.
Retro in the best way possible.
These two know a thing or two about a printed midi dress.
Does it get any more chic? (Hint: No).
Is it just us, or is velvet becoming seasonless?
See what we mean?
Socks and loafers will be our fall go-to, hands down.
When your accessories have accessories.
It's a twin thing.
May the dress-and-sneakers combination live on forever.
Branded, but in a good way.
Red, red, and more red.
Everything that's happening here, just yes.
Bravo with the color scheme.
File this under: effortless.
Hoodies: the magic piece that can be dressed up and down.
Girls can do anything.
We're supporters of any iteration of the Canadian tuxedo.
Legs for days.
Let your fanny pack double as a belt.
All-black works every damn time.
Let your T-shirt say it all.
No heels necessary.
When the jacket makes the look.
Friends who Fashion Week together, stay together.
Photographed by Cris Fragkou.
Knot your plain white tee in the center just so.
Photographed by Cris Fragkou.
Power posing. Werk.
Photographed by Cris Fragkou.
Finally, someone caught wearing multiple bags (just like us!).
Photographed by Cris Fragkou.
Twinning! Literally.
Photographed by Cris Fragkou.
Let a red belt tie all of your all-black looks together.
Photographed by Cris Fragkou.
Blazers are all over the place this season, and we're loving every single one.
Photographed by Cris Fragkou.
Talk about '90s style...
Photographed by Cris Fragkou.
Brown isn't always icky. Try styling multiple shades of the color together at once.
Photographed by Cris Fragkou.
Retro done right. Thanks for the continued inspiration, Maria Bernad.
Photographed by Cris Fragkou.
Easy, breezy, beautiful one-piece.
Photographed by Cris Fragkou.
Simple. Effortless. The list of adjectives we could use to describe this outfit goes on and on.
Photographed by Cris Fragkou.
With a J.Crew void in the New York Fashion Week calendar this year, allow this outfit to provide you all the preppy-but-cool styling inspiration you might need.
Photographed by Cris Fragkou.
We're all for the cargo comeback.
Photographed by Cris Fragkou.
Season after season, leopard is the one print you can always rely on.
Photographed by Cris Fragkou.
Long dress, high boots, can't lose.
Photographed by Cris Fragkou.
Yes, this is a full white look. And yes, it's after Labor Day.
Photographed by Cris Fragkou.
The more oversized, the better.
Photographed by Cris Fragkou.
Oh hey, R29 crew.
Photographed by Cris Fragkou.
Millennial pink, head-to-toe.
Photographed by Cris Fragkou.
Gotta have a sense of humor about it all.
Photographed by Cris Fragkou.
The off-shoulder trend, still going strong.
Photographed by Cris Fragkou.
Just cinch it at the waist.
Photographed by Cris Fragkou.
Victorian Era on the top, mom jeans on the bottom.
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