This Before & After Bloating Photo Is So Relatable

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Thanks to society's effed-up beauty standards, you're not alone if you've felt self-conscious over a less-than-flat stomach. But the truth is, everyone's stomach grows and shrinks due to food consumption, sodium intake, and many other temporary factors. As gastroenterologist Felice Schnoll-Sussman, MD told Refinery29, "your belly is going to get distended during the day normally." To show what this can look like and that it's totally normal, blogger Celena Diane posted two photos with her own stomach showing to Instagram, Pop Sugar reports.

Diane experiences painful bloating episodes, which lead to abdominal distention — that is, her stomach sticking out. Doctors are still trying to figure out what the cause is. But as far as her looks go, she's made peace with it.

"Sharing a photo like this is never easy because when you’re bloated you feel pretty down on yourself and you’re uncomfortable in your own skin. But I’m sharing this to show that you’re not alone, and that we all have things that we’re battling and that’s normal," she wrote in her Instagram caption. "So nope, I don’t walk around with abs 24/7, and I’m totally OK with that! Right now, my priorities are to share my journey, and to one day at least find out what the heck this random pain is."

She also gave this recommendation for anyone else who feels insecure about the way their body changes throughout the day: "The next time you’re bloated, don’t think you look 'fat or disgusting' — that’s unhealthy behavior and you know that bloating comes and goes. Instead, make yourself a hot water bottle, drink water, turn on some Netflix, and rest easy. Always remember your body responds best to positivity and love." That's great advice for anyone dealing with any health issue, physical or mental.

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