The All-Avo Restaurant Goes Through 650 Pounds Of Avocado A Week

Photographed by Davide Luciano.

Last month, the world's first all-avocado bar, called Avocaderia, opened in Brooklyn. With all the love around avocado toast and other avo-centric dishes, we weren't that surprised to find out that the restaurant did a booming business on their opening day. However, what was a bit shocking — and admittedly quite funny — was that Avocaderia ran out of avocados in the first three hours of being open. A month in, it seems the shop has worked out the kinks and figured out how many avocados they need to keep up with the daily lines out the door.

One of the restaurant's owners Alessandro Biggi recently told Gothamist that Avocaderia has been going through about 25 cases of the fruit every week. That equals a whopping 650 pounds. That impressive number is only going to go up because the cafe, which right now is only open during the week, is soon expanding to weekend hours. Has the term holy guacamole ever been more appropriate? We don't think so.

Update, April 11, 2017: We weren't at all shocked to find out that the world's first avocado bar, Avocaderia, saw a huge turnout at its recent opening. However, we were surprised by reports that the restaurant sold out of avocados in the first three hours. You can't have an avocado bar without the avo. According to Extra Crispy, Avocaderia had around 200 ripe avocados stocked and ready for the opening day, but by 2 p.m. the provisions to prepare every item on the menu were sold out. One of the restaurant's founders, Alessandro Biggi, explained to Extra Crispy why they ran out. He said, "Since we just opened, we have a lot of boxes [of avocados], but they're not ripe yet. By tomorrow we'll have more and more and more, but we'll have to let them ripen over the week." Hopefully, the team gets everything straightened out soon because in Brooklyn, people are serious about their avocados.

This story was originally published on April 4, 2017.

Avocado lovers, it’s a wonderful time to be alive. In recent years, this highly trendy fruit has made its way onto to restaurant menus all over the country in one form or another. And now, for what may be the very first time, an all-avocado bar is opening up in Brooklyn, of course.

The restaurant is called Avocaderia, and it stands out for its extensive avocado offerings. That’s right, we won’t just find avocado toast or guacamole here. According to Avocaderia’s website, the shop will serve toasts, salads, bowls and smoothies, all of which will showcase avocado as the starring ingredient.

One of the owners, Francesco Brachetti, told the New York Times that growing up in Florence, avocados weren't part of his diet. After discovering the fruit when he moved to Mexico, he realized what a gift they were and decided to get into the business. Brachetti recruited help from his cousin Alberto Gramini, who also happened to be a chef, and their friend Alessandro Biggi, and together, the three of them set out to open Avocaderia.

The owners of this avocado-exclusive bar are also dedicated to working with only fair trade fruit. Avocaderia’s site explains that all of its avocados "are organic, farmed in the Mexican state of Michoacán by a consortium of local farmers, and fairly traded to the US. Avocaderia only works with suppliers respectful of the environment and the rights of their employees."

In addition to their commitment to farm and trade practices, the people behind Avocaderia have also produced some seriously Insta-worthy dishes, which are displayed on the shop's Instagram page. Scrolling through these posts just confirms that the avocado trend isn't going anywhere anytime soon.

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