Agent Provocateur Horror Film: Get Scared/Turned On This AM (NSFW)

Britain's Advertising Standards Authority is notable for axing ads we prudish Americans find to be harmless (Dakota Fanning in those Marc Jacobs ads), but they recently okayed this ad by Agent Provocateur, and we have to say we're a little confused.
Featuring a lonely protagonist who's inconveniently forgotten a bra, a prank phone call, and zombie ladies who look like they're just about to give and receive the least fun oral sex, ever… the whole thing leaves you feeling feelings you can't really describe as 100% titillating, scary, offensive, or hilarious. Give yourself the willies by clicking through to watch the whole thing. If that hotpot of emotions don't wake you up this morning, that abrupt metal rill will (you'll know what we're talking about as soon as you spill your coffee down the front of your shirt). (Huffington Post)

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