3 Trendy Recipes You Can Make In Your Slow Cooker

Photo: Courtesy of Andrew Purcell.
Slow cookers are our handy go-to for big-batch dishes, like game-day chili or stew. But, beyond those throw-together comfort foods, the gadget just kind of sits on our counter, taking up space. However, slow cookers are actually major power players in the kitchen — because as it turns out, the big electric pot isn't just for soups and stews.
The clunky contraptions are more modern and versatile than we ever imagined them to be — or gave them enough credit for — and here to prove it are three recipes from Sarah DiGregorio's Adventures In Slow Cooking. Are adventures and slow cookers two concepts that you still wouldn't necessarily combine? If yes, then you've probably never feasted on an egg, cheese, and everything bagel strata for brunch — or been blessed with the dessert knowledge that matcha pots de crème are only a "set it and forget it" button away. Scroll on for these tricks and more that will illuminate your slow cooker's true trendy potential.

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