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The pope addressed the cases of sexually-abused children during his visit to the U.S. He pledged to "ensure that youth are protected and that all responsible will be held accountable." (Refinery29)
Michelle Obama's latest campaign is devoted to ensuring girls’ equal access to education worldwide. Also, Queen Beyoncé and First Lady Michelle Obama hugged. (Wall Street Journal)
Ben Carson is “certainly willing” to give President Kanye West a chance. 2020 is going to be interesting. (Pitchfork)
A man lit a gas station pump on fire in order to kill a spider. Well, that escalated quickly. (USA Today)
Congressman Bob Brady swiped the Pope’s water glass and drank from it. Apparently, he saved some the water to bless his grandchildren. (NPR)
State health officials may force the closure of the last two abortion clinics in southwest Ohio. (The Washington Times)
Graffiti artist Banksy is sending his Dismaland theme park to the city of Calais in France. The buildings will be used to create shelters. (Huffington Post)
Hip hop duo Run the Jewels has released a rap album sampling only cat sounds. It's called Meow the Jewels, obviously. (Rolling Stone)

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