8 Things To Know This AM — May 13 2014

Sheryl Sandberg announced she will give away half of her fortune as part of The Giving Pledge. She's yet to detail where and why she'll be donating her money, but her leaning in has us thinking it will be to programs that empower women. (Forbes)
Here's more proof that Twitter is taking cues from Facebook: You can now mute tweets from people you follow, rather than unfollow them completely. (Venture Beat)
It's impossible for you to resist cute things on the Internet, according to a new study. Bring on the videos of hamsters eating things please. (Fast Co. Design)
Jennifer Esposito's got a new book out. And, she's taken this very public opportunity to explain how Bradley Cooper is "manipulative." More shocking is her claim that she didn't "find him that attractive." (Daily Mail)
Television shows are adopting the summer blockbuster theme. Five of the new TV series for the 2014 season are based on comic books. (Quartz)
And in other television news, Frozen character Queen Elsa will be coming to Once Upon A Time. Fans are reportedly unable to let it go. (Seventeen)
Etihad Airlines is taking first-class flying to new heights. Soon, travelers can book three-room apartments, complete with a butler from London's Savoy Hotel. Now that's traveling in style. (The Frisky)
Are millennials too cool for sincerity? This longer read explores how that idea may be true. (Salon)
embedPhoto: Via YouTube.

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