Found: The 5 Best Ramen Joints In London

Maybe it’s the fact spring doesn’t seem to have sprung, but here in freezing London, ramen is having a moment. Foodies have swapped the chunkier Udon — the noodle du jour until recently — for this thinner wheat noodle, traditionally served in a hot meat broth and topped with sliced pork and spring onions. And thank goodness, ramen is much more date-friendly than its slippery, splashy Udon cousin — so you can wear that dry-clean-only blouse with confidence.
There’s truly nothing like a big bowl of hearty broth filled with glossy noodles to warm the cockles. And our cockles are being well and truly warmed by these noodle joints, who boast the best ramen in town. Dive in, and slurp away!
Image: Courtesy of Bone Daddies
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Bone Daddies
If you like your noodle soup to have some punch, then rock-'n’-roll ramen bar Bone Daddies is for you. With Ross Shonhan — previously of Zuma and Nobu — at its helm, it’s got the cool factor, and the food is pretty darn good, too. There’s Tonkotsu on offer and a seriously delicious, buttery, miso-based Ramen — all with an optional extra pipette of fat, if you dare.

Where: 31 Peter Street, W1F 0AR

Photo: Courtesy of Bone Daddies
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It’s the 18-hour simmered pork-bone broth that makes Tonkotsu’s namesake dish so satisfying, whether you're hungry and freezing after the wait outside (the restaurant is tiny and is deservedly popular, so get there early) or suffering from an indulgent night before. The menu is small — probably a good thing if you’re in a hungover haze or just woozy from hunger — but what Tonkotsu does offer, it does extremely well: bouncy noodles in a tasty broth, made for slurping.

Where: 63 Dean Street, W1D 4QG

Photo: Courtesy of Paul Winch Furness
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Shoryu Ramen
Having long been fans of the Japan Centre, we knew their ramen bar, Shoryu, wouldn’t disappoint. And the proof is in the, er, noodles. Shoryu’s speciality is Tonkotsu ramen, which forms the basis of their imaginative menu. If you’re not planning on kissing anyone (or just love Twilight a lot), try the Dracula Tonkotsu, made with garlic sesame oil and garlic chips.

Where: 9 Regent Street, SW1Y 4LR

Photo: Courtesy of Shoryu
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Sometimes, simple is better. This humble little Ramen bar may not have an all-singing, all-dancing PR machine or slick interior design, but its home-style noodle soups rival those of any of its flashier counterparts. Choose from broths infused with seafood extract, homemade soy, or miso — all welcomingly light alternatives to some of the rich, fat-heavy options around.

Where: 84 Brewer Street, W1F 9UB

Photo: Courtesy of Ittenbari
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While this Marylebone Lane eatery doesn’t exclusively serve Ramen, we couldn’t leave it off the list. Cocoro’s Tonkotsu is some of the richest, most mouth-watering around — a salty, collagen-laden concoction finished with a drizzle of Mayu (black sesame oil). Not for those on a diet.

Where: 31 Marylebone Lane, W1U 2NH

Photo: Courtesy of Cocoro

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