3 Clever Ways To Use Your Bobby-Pins

If you feel like the bobby pin is nothing new, you're right. It's the staple of all hairstyle staples, a versatile little tool that helps create a look from start to finish—and saves the day when a 'do falls flat or loses its edge. But sometimes, even the simplest hair accessory can cause a quandary: You've got a bunch of bobby pins, now what do you do with them? In keeping with our running DIY theme, and to help solve any bobby-pin predicaments, we tapped one of our fave hairstylists, Bethany Brill, and tried out these three super-cool and easy-to-replicate hairstyles using the one-and-only bobby pin. Get ready to experiment with criss-crossing, go for a retro-inspired roll, or try a particularly epic pompadour. In a word: inspiring.
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The Side Sweep: This look is the most uncomplicated of the bunch and it works for all hair types and most lengths (Our model has thick, curly hair and it worked for her). All you need is a little hairspray, water, and patterned bobby pins.

Step 1: Start by parting your hair to the side. If you have extra-thick or curly hair, use hair pins to secure hair at the back of your head.

Step 2: Slick the side back by spraying your hair with water and combing through to create a flat surface. Then, spray the section with non-flaking hairspray (like Aveda Air Control) and comb through (the water keeps the hairspray from flaking). Repeat until your hair is slick. Wait for it to dry, or blow-dry, and don't forget to secure the section in back using a few bobby pins.
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Step 3: Add a vertical row of equally spaced bobby pins.
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Step 4: Next, add a second layer of bobby pins in a criss-cross pattern.
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Make sure you hold onto your hair and the bobby pins that are already in place when criss-crossing. 
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Goody Soho Bobby Slides, $4.49, available at Target.
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The Retro-Inspired Roll: Just a few twists, and you've got this elegant updo down-pat.  

Step 1: Part your hair on the side, all the way from your temple to the back of your head.  

Step 2: Starting at the back of your head, twist the larger section of the hair all the way around your head and across your forehead until you reach the part. Secure with bobby pins on the innermost side of the roll as you go. Leave the front out.
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Step 3: Twist the other section of hair from the back to the front, securing along the way with bobby pins. Leave the front section out.
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Step 4: Take both front ends and twist them together, then tuck the ends back towards the crown of your head. Secure with bobby pins
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Step 5: Add a decorative bobby pin on the side near your temple.
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Emily Elizabeth Fan Bobby Pin with Crystals, $25, available at Emily Elizabeth.
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The Pompadour: Max out a simple, half-up style with a sky-high pompadour and patterned bobby pins.  

Step 1: Tease the top section of your hair to create volume and height—this is especially important if you have fine hair. Spray with hairspray if needed.
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Step 2: From your ear to your crown, pull hair back into a half-up style. Twist the top section, push hair forward to create a "poof," and secure with bobby-pins. Finish with hairspray.
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Step 3: Add patterned bobby pins to each side of your head.
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Keep the bobby pins evenly spaced on each side.
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For more DIY love, take a cue from our amazing stylist, Bethany Brill, and use nail-polish to create patterns on plain bobby pins. 

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