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Illustrated by Abbie Winters.
It’s another weird and intense week, stargazers! We’re entering the realm of oppositions, which, in astrology, are meant to show us how two different energies can make up the whole and balance each other out.
For example, Leo, the sign of royalty, is the opposing sign of Aquarius, the sign of the collective. They make up a whole where we can see that there would be no king or queen without a community for them to lead. And without the community, where would we even find a king or queen? It appears that they cannot exist without the other. They provide each other with boundaries to thrive within. The same goes for Cancer and Capricorn. Cancer, the sign of the home and family, is opposite to Capricorn, the sign of societal structure. Without the family, where would society be? And without societal structure, what would become of the family unit? These are just one word associations with the signs, but you get the idea.
This week, we’ll be given the opportunity to notice which side of the energetic pole we tend to lean toward, then decide if we're open to finding a greater sense of balance. Think of oppositions like seesaws: they’re dynamic and you never know which end will tip upward. Focus on getting the most out of this energy as it bounces between extremes and, on occasion, finds that sweet spot of harmony that allows for creation and collaboration.
We’ll celebrate the summer solstice on June 21, the same day that the sun moves from curious and airy Gemini into protective and family-oriented Cancer, joining up with Mercury in the process. Whatever the heavens look like on the solstice sets the tone for the whole season — and by the looks of it, we’ll spend summer '18 learning to face reality even when nostalgia looms over us. Try not to get stuck in the fantasy of believing the past is somehow better than the now. Instead, find the energy to create something new that can change your life for the better. Sound good? Let’s go.
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Illustrated by Abbie Winters.
May 21 to June 20

You're still focused on your sense of self-worth and all the things that come with it, Gemini. Money, security, and your values will be top of mind this week. You may have to face the fact that what you currently believe in is at odds with your deeper passions. Instead of ignoring this dynamic, be brutally honest with yourself about what has to change in order to see your confidence and wealth increase.

You might have to tear down some of your ideas about money and how it relates to your thoughts and feelings. Do you overspend to fill a void? Do you underspend out of fear of not having enough? Do you make money doing what you enjoy? Do you feel apathetic about money because it’s just a means to an end? Get out of your head, Gemini. Don’t think about what your life and finances should look like in theory. Feel it out and then create practical steps to get you what you want.
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June 21 to July 22

It’s hard out here for a Crab this week, Cancer. Before you become defensive, take a deep breath and center yourself. The stars compel you to take a hard look at your relationships and whether you stand your ground when the demands of others overwhelm you. It’s okay to admit that some people make you feel drained or disempowered. What’s not okay is continuing to stay silent when you’re being pushed around.

With Mercury in your sign, the key is to speak up for yourself and claim your power within your one-on-one relationships. To be clear: This is not an invitation to give them a taste of their own bitter medicine (even though Mercury and Pluto can make you want to cut to the bone when you feel cornered). Instead, use your empathy to speak honestly about what you need. Leading with sensitivity can transform the whole dynamic of your interactions with others. Some people won’t like it (oh well, screw ‘em), but you’re committed to saying no to toxic relationships for 2018 and beyond. Get used to saying goodbye to people who are unwilling to see your side of the story. It takes two to tango, Cancer. Make sure that you’re a willing participant and not being dragged around the dance floor.
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July 23 to August 22

You’ll be challenged to be your regal best this week, Leo. With Venus and Mars warring with each other from their camps in your house of self and your house of others, you’ll notice how edgy and irritable your partners are feeling this week. Keep in mind that it’s not really personal. The people around you are just feeling kinda funky and helpless, and when they see you over there shining in all your radiance, they may feel like starting a fight.

Try to keep your poise and use this as a teaching moment, since you can definitely show them that they also have the ability to stand out, shine, and have their desires met. That said, teaching your loved ones this lesson will require compromises and some seriously creative thinking. If that's what it takes to turn anger and frustration into productive fuel that helps everyone feel respected, so be it. Listen to what your friends are saying, acknowledge it, and then invite them to create an alternative that allows you both to shine and feel loved. If that doesn’t work, friendly competition can help siphon off the tension and get everyone to relax.
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August 23 to September 22

Your talents are needed to motivate and inspire your friends, Virgo. The world is spinning out of control with one drama after the other and the people around you are burning out from the onslaught of stress that comes with said drama. Luckily, you shine in the midst of chaos — it allows you to organize and separate the nonsense from what’s actually meaningful and important. Cut to the chase and get to the root of the issue, especially if it’s mired in unspoken fears that disempower and silence others.

You can rally your friends to speak from the heart, which will allow for more creative and productive energy to circulate and wash away those feelings of being stuck, resentful, and angry. This also connects back to your Saturn in Capricorn story, Virgo, in that you’re using your creativity and desire for self-expression to help others do the same. On a more personal note, do your best to moderate your desire to stay in seclusion and indulge in fanciful dreams this week. You know the only way to make your dreams a reality is to put them on your to-do list and get to work.
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September 23 to October 22

Your voice and opinion matters, Libra. People are interested in what you have to say and how you say it. This week, you may find that you’re getting extra attention for your written and verbal work, since Mercury is hanging out in your house of career and reputation. That's awesome news, but I urge you to go one step further and use your visibility to speak up for those who may be hidden or oppressed.

You typically present a calm and pleasantly neutral face to the world, so chances are high that when you advocate for others people will really listen. There’s power in the words you use this week, so be aware of the underlying emotions you’ve been feeling. Don’t disconnect from them in an effort to appear impartial. Now is actually the time for passion and boldness. Acting on those feelings will benefit you and anyone who shares your hopes for the future. See you at the bully pulpit, Libra.
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October 23 to November 21

"Nothing can stop me, I’m all the way up / All the way up." Yes, Scorpio, that's how you feel as you get closer and closer to achieving some amazing accolades in your career, thanks in part to Venus blessing you with a little extra charm that everyone can see. But (you knew there was a "but" coming) there’s still this nagging sensation that there’s activity at home that needs your attention before you can really take flight.

The truth is, the irritation that you’re feeling at home — and in the deepest corners of your mind — isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. All you can do at the moment is reflect on how much your frustration with your family and memories is really blocking your path to greatness. Everything exists in a balance, so instead of attempting to ignore the family dramas or leaky sinks that are getting under your skin, acknowledge them and then get to work on changing anything you can. Donate all the never-worn clothes you’ve accumulated over the years. Block the phone numbers of family members who always show up at the worst possible moment to turn your life upside down. Soon enough, you’ll have the peace of mind needed to bask in your continued success.
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November 22 to December 21

This week will ask you to look at how your beliefs conflict with your daily life, Sag. You’re learning that your ideals are still merely thoughts — you've yet to implement them IRL. For example, let’s say you love the idea of being a worldly person who shows serious love for the global community, but you can’t be bothered to explore your own neighborhood. How exactly does that add up, Archer?

Keep in mind that your big picture beliefs consist of smaller pieces and actions. Just because something doesn’t look like it’s connected to the big picture doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t explore it. Part of creating and living by our philosophies is being willing to debate them, experiment with them, and adjust them as needed. Make an effort to get out of your head and go out and engage with others. Be willing to compromise on some of your ideals and you may find that it gets you closer to living more authentically than before.
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December 22 to January 19

You’re going to have to be honest about what you want in your relationships this week, Cap. First, check in with yourself and to see what motivates you to connect with your partners in the first place. Are you really interested in an intimate bond with someone else or is it because you believe it’s what’s expected of you? Open yourself up to having a dialogue, even if things are going swimmingly in your relationships.

It’s the kind of week where things left unsaid tend to fester then emerge at the worst times if you’re not careful. It's better to be upfront about your feelings and expectations rather than unconsciously acting out in ways that push people away and manipulate your partners. In the event that you have a sit-down with your loved ones, try not to weaponize your words against them. Your only responsibility is to be empathetic and honest so that both parties feel heard, respected, and empowered to make their own decisions. I promise you, Capricorn, you can be practical and compassionate at the same time. It’s a win-win.
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January 20 to February 18

People just want to love you, Aquarius, but this week you may find it hard to reconcile your need to do your own thing with the attention you're getting from others. You can't help but fear that if you embrace the attention and let others into the fold, you’ll have to sacrifice your individuality and freedom. But if we’re being honest, underneath that fear is an even deeper concern that you’ll be dismissed as too unusual for others to spend time with at all. Let’s just toss those fears out the window, Water Bearer.

Chances are you’re missing out on chance to encourage authenticity in others by avoiding opportunities to get closer to them. Learn to compromise and know that you’re allowed to set boundaries. That way, you'll be able to receive love and support without feeling restricted or forced to conform. If this proves easier said than done, consider writing down your fears and then talking about them with someone empathetic yet honest. You deserve to be built up, Aquarius. Let us support you in that.
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February 19 to March 20

If you want to see change in the world, Pisces, it’s up to you to get involved. So far you’ve been grappling with the groups that you belong to and whether or not they support your vision for the future. It may not be a matter of making people leave your circle but more of how you can get to the root of the disconnects you encounter within it.

What needs to be adjusted between your creative passions and the collective vision? Finding a balance will allow you and your collaborators to create something that benefits the entire group, if not the larger community that you all belong to. Channel your pent-up anger and frustration into acts of service or daily activities that get you one step closer to seeing your vision come to fruition.
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March 21 to April 19

The sun’s movement into Cancer shines a bright light on the delicate balance that exists between your public and private life, Aries. So far this year, you’ve been getting schooled on how to wield your power responsibly. However, this week the heavens are urging you to look at how well you move between caring for yourself while making time for your personal creative pursuits and enjoyment.

If you've been feeling like a homebody lately, chances are the scales have been tipped toward your career and social responsibilities. Work on bringing the two extremes into a functioning harmony. How can you get enough restorative downtime at home so that work feels enjoyable again? And how can your personal passions serve the larger group without turning into an intrusive burden? You may discover that the only way to find a middle ground is to be vocal about what doesn't work.
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April 20 to May 20

You may take a lot more pleasure in beautifying your home than being at work this week, Taurus. With Venus calling you home to luxuriate and make your space as cozy as possible, the idea of leaving your nest to do battle at your day job just isn’t appealing. If anything, the environment at work is irritating and depleting, especially if everyone is marching to the beat of their own drum and disinterested in finding a common vision.

Find a way to bring the peace and beauty that you’re cultivating at home into your work space. Instead of digging in your heels and preparing to fight when you deal with uncooperative coworkers, offer up creative solutions that acknowledge everyone's individual skills. Whether you like it or not, you’re considered someone who can lead others toward inspired, radical change. Imagine that, Taurus, you as an agent of change. I can dig it — can you?

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