Your Horoscope This Week

Illustrated by Abbie Winters.
It’s another weird and intense week, stargazers! We’re entering the realm of oppositions, which, in astrology, are meant to show us how two different energies can make up the whole and balance each other out.
For example, Leo, the sign of royalty, is the opposing sign of Aquarius, the sign of the collective. They make up a whole where we can see that there would be no king or queen without a community for them to lead. And without the community, where would we even find a king or queen? It appears that they cannot exist without the other. They provide each other with boundaries to thrive within. The same goes for Cancer and Capricorn. Cancer, the sign of the home and family, is opposite to Capricorn, the sign of societal structure. Without the family, where would society be? And without societal structure, what would become of the family unit? These are just one word associations with the signs, but you get the idea.
This week, we’ll be given the opportunity to notice which side of the energetic pole we tend to lean toward, then decide if we're open to finding a greater sense of balance. Think of oppositions like seesaws: they’re dynamic and you never know which end will tip upward. Focus on getting the most out of this energy as it bounces between extremes and, on occasion, finds that sweet spot of harmony that allows for creation and collaboration.
We’ll celebrate the summer solstice on June 21, the same day that the sun moves from curious and airy Gemini into protective and family-oriented Cancer, joining up with Mercury in the process. Whatever the heavens look like on the solstice sets the tone for the whole season — and by the looks of it, we’ll spend summer '18 learning to face reality even when nostalgia looms over us. Try not to get stuck in the fantasy of believing the past is somehow better than the now. Instead, find the energy to create something new that can change your life for the better. Sound good? Let’s go.

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