The Elements Of The Zodiac, As Defined By The Women Of Sex And The City

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As of today, it's been exactly two decades since Sex and The City premiered and inspired young women to discuss sex and dating frankly (often over brunch), refer to their friends (and not their partners) as their soulmates, and order Cosmos by the gallon. The show has not aged well in several noteworthy ways, but it's sneakily proven to be a useful guide to understanding a pillar of astrology.
Believe it or not, the four lead characters (Carrie Bradshaw, Charlotte York, Miranda Hobbes, and Samantha Jones) are actually pretty accurate examples of the four elements of the Zodiac (fire, earth, air, and water) and their respective vibes. For the record, the characters' personalities don't necessarily reflect their actual ruling element, but we're willing to overlook that. Besides, according to SATC canon (aka Wikipedia), only two out of four them have exact birthdays.
By looking at how the women of SATC behave, we can gain a better understanding of the elements' influence on the signs that they rule. Read on to learn more about Carrie and company at their most elemental (sorry, that pun would make even Samantha cringe).
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Samantha Jones

Is there any quote more demonstrative of a fire sign's worldview than, "Tell a man 'I hate you,' you'll have the best sex of your life. But tell him, 'I love you,' you'll probably never see him again."? Okay, maybe there is one, and it's: "I support you, and these bitches need to be put in their place." Of course, Samantha Jones is responsible for both of these fire sign credos, as she is, essentially, this element's patron saint: She's passionate, fiercely protective, and tends to overshare. Attention all Aries, Leos, and Sagittariuses: Meet your new mom.
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Miranda Hobbes

Miranda isn't the human embodiment of earth sign culture only because she dumps a guy who thinks it's okay to poop with the door open, but that certainly played a role in our decision. Easily the "sensible friend" of the SATC squad, Miranda rolls her eyes at Carrie's Big-related wishy-washiness, works incredibly hard to have it all, but, most importantly, she ends up with Steve once she learns to accept that he, like all of us, is flawed — which is the lesson every earth sign is born to learn.
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Carrie Bradshaw

From her career as a writer to her witty sense of humor to how she deals with relationships, Carrie is a textbook example of air-driven behavior. She's great with words (like it or not, "I couldn't help but wonder," is now an iconic way to start a sentence), but struggles when it comes to meaningful actions (see her half-hearted attempt to apologize to Miranda with a bag of bagels). Like a Gemini, her gift of gab can charm just about anyone. Like a Libra, she's drawn to beautiful (and pricey) items. And, like an Aquarius, she remains completely herself.
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Charlotte York

You could make a case that Charlotte is as earthy as she is watery, but we'd argue that her unapologetic commitment to her emotions makes her a stronger example of the latter. Where the other women of SATC might couch their sentiments in jokes or allow them to bottle up, Charlotte is pretty darn. She suggests that they could be each other's soulmates (rather than men's) and isn't ashamed to own up to her ceaseless optimism in love and dating. Besides, can't you just hear "I curse the day you were born!" coming out of a Scorpio's mouth?

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