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Illustrated by Abbie Winters.
It will keep us together, it can’t be bought, it makes the world go around. It supposedly makes a Subaru a Subaru, and can be used to measure a year. Yes, we’re talking about love. But do you even know what love is?
On Tuesday, the Sun comes face to face with Venus, planet of love, money, make outs, and personal values. What is love? Love in astrology has to do with how we treat our bodies as much it does with who we pledge our hearts to. Love has a different meaning in your life than it does to the Beatles or to a car company’s marketing department. Love is one thing with your mom, another with your best friend, and an entirely different animal when figuring out how to treat yourself with love and respect.
This week, our collective project is to look at our relationships and — meta warning! — our relationship to relationships. Something attracted you to these friends, this partner. You’ve chosen them for deep, hard-to-put-into-words reasons. Maybe they reminded you of your family. They made you laugh. You felt seen, calm, or excited in their presence. But friends and lovers can make us feel like crap, too, especially when they bring out the parts of ourselves we haven’t figured out how to live with.
The planets are giving you a bravery booster right now to connect with others more honestly and deeply. If a friend has turned into a frenemy lately, for instance, you can use the celestial encouragement to ask them what’s up. There’s enough love in the air to help you move through a conversation with kindness, leaving the bond stronger and helping you define for yourself what love really means.
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Illustrated by Abbie Winters.
December 22 to January 19

You are at the center of the action this week, Cappy. As much as you gripe, this is how you like it — five planets on your plate and a lot of meaty projects in the works. Your biggest project continues to be relationships. The planets are demanding that you get real about the role love and pleasure play in your life. If you’re like most Sea Goats, there’s way too little pleasure and too much emphasis on control and structure in how you relate. Structure is important — any long-term relationship depends on it — but too much can stifle growth and turn warm feelings to ice. Here’s the thing, though: Ice melts. Pull those deep, tender feelings you love to hide up into the sunlight. In practical terms, this means making space in that busyness for a lunch date, a slow walk, or a Yoko Ono-style bed-in. Love is only as much work as you make it and it can be as simple as being present. Communicate with your body until you’re ready to put those feelings into words.

On Thursday, when Mercury, the planet of thought, joins up with your ruling planet, Saturn, talk gets more serious and more important. Take your time choosing the right words. If you do, this is a lovely moment for making a big commitment.
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Illustrated by Abbie Winters.
January 20 to February 18

The relationships you’ve ghosted on, the ones you fantasize about, and any connections based on compassion provide transformative experiences this week — if you can get out of your head. It’s a great week, for example, to let the crush who’s infiltrated your dreams know how you feel. You’ll either get shot down — which will free you up to fall for someone new — or turn that dream into reality.

On Thursday, your mind turns to unspoken agreements and there’s a real need to reckon with any situation where you checked out prematurely. Be real about your part, because that’s the stuff you can control. Communication can make a big difference in sorting out weird, anxiety-producing vibes, as well as setting things right.

It’s also a fabulous time to get your brainstorms and insights down on paper and make an action plan for committing to do any of the non-relationship stuff you’ve fantasized about (e.g. a grassroots political effort, a thesis topic, a band you want to start). Remember, Aquarius: Everything good happens when you decide to take the leap.
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February 19 to March 20

Being a Pisces means listening for a quiet, faraway sound only you can hear. A name for that sound could be "intuition" or "inspiration." It’s a special kind of knowing that can make life feel rich with color and texture. Without that knowing, it can be hard to know what to do next or what’s important. There are long silences when it’s easy to believe the sound is gone forever or that you made it up. Other times, like this week, that sound is loud enough to wake you in the night. Your co-ruler, Jupiter (aka inspiration), meets up with Mars (action) on Sunday, turning the next several days bright and shiny.

This is the kind of energy that wants to do something, using you as its vessel. Specifically, it wants to make the world a better place. If that’s too tall an order, pour your energy into your friends or a group you’re part of. Your Piscean sensitivity to the collective mood makes you a dreamy vision-maker; where do you see your group manifesting its potential? Take the lead and chances are, your peeps will rally, making a bigger impact as a group than any of you could have on your own.

You’ll also have a chance to get emo with your friends this week. Someone who’s hurting or carrying a secret could be healed by your loving acceptance. Take the plunge and bring your friendships to a deeper, truer level.
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Illustrated by Abbie Winters.
March 21 to April 19

Career continues to be your biggest focus this week, with an extra-thick underline on how conflict and sharing fit in with your ambitions. On Monday and Tuesday, address any tensions with a boss, supervisor — or a parent (the original boss) — by starting a conversation. If you tend to leap to conclusions about where others are coming from, this is a good time to practice asking open-ended questions. Create space for understanding in the most concrete way ever, by blocking out twice as much time in your schedule as you think you need for this very adult tête-à-tête. Where relationships are going well, leverage that Monday-Tuesday mojo by committing to a consuming project with a colleague or having a serious heart-to-heart with mom or dad.

On Thursday, Mercury, the mental planet, moves into Capricorn, making for a lot of boring but necessary thought about your immediate plans. We’ll all be in a glass-half-empty frame of mind, so don’t be surprised to hear "no" on any impulsive proposals. The most likely nay-sayers are…drum roll please…bosses and parents. Both will expect you to show up with a thorough plan, bullet points, and a plan B for worst-case scenarios. Instead of getting frustrated, get into champion mode. Take the higher standards as a challenge to out-do yourself with an extra awesome plan of attack. Saturday, Uranus, planet of weirdos, gets activated, making it the weekend for an outing with someone or sones who bring out your inner freak.
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Illustrated by Abbie Winters.
April 20 to May 20

We relate to ideas and books in a similar way that we do to people, engaging with them to help us understand ourselves better. Just like any relationship, we’re not always on our best behavior in our thinking life. When an idea sounds nice, we can gloss over the real meaning, choosing to hear what we want instead of what’s being said. Other times, we ignore ideas that might force us to question our strongly held beliefs. Early in this week, see if another perspective wants to get your attention. Odds are good that a long, focused look will deepen your understanding in satisfying ways. Another place this effect might show up is in a university classroom or religious space. Either way, this is a chance to build your way up to an important truth.

On Thursday, Mercury, the question-asker, moves into pragmatic Capricorn, prompting you to define what your knowledge is good for. Make headway by doing thorough work and showing your steps. You might also find yourself thinking about future travel. Most people will be more down-to-earth and direct under this influence, making it a solid time to plan a getaway, especially one that gets you closer to what matters most. Saturday’s Uranus-Venus square makes it primetime for a social retreat, especially one with the people who stimulate your brain.
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Illustrated by Abbie Winters.
May 21 to June 20

Quantity is the spice of life, but not when it keeps your schedule filled with low-quality love. The week kicks off with your mind on your close relationships and a push to make some tough calls. Do you blow off The Talk with boo for a spin around the emotional block with that frenemy whose contact you can never quite delete? Do you speed date or spend your free time shacked up, skin-to-skin and heart-to-heart, with the one you love so much it scares you? Any escape routes you take this week, especially if they involve fudging the truth or avoiding urgent texts, will get you called out and even written off. On the other hand, a little willingness to show up and have the necessary conversations will free you up to have more fun later.

On Thursday, your ruling planet, Mercury, aka the communicator, moves into one-track-minded Capricorn. It’s like someone threw the brakes on, slowing down our interactions so we can really hear what we’re saying and make good decisions. Sometimes, keeping your options open is a decision of its own, driving away the people we’d like to get close to and exciting opportunities that require whole-hearted commitment. Use your inquisitive mind to notice the choices you’re making and where they’ll lead. Be honest, Gem: Does the current plan of action reflect your deepest desires?
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Illustrated by Abbie Winters.
June 21 to July 22

What is it about a big red button labelled “DON’T TOUCH” that makes us want to push it? Your intuition has a knack for telling you exactly where other people want to be touched emotionally, which subjects are sensitive, and what will cause a nuclear-level blow-up. The more “DON’T TOUCH” signs your loved one has up this week and the more neglected you feel, the more likely you’ll be to set off a painful explosion. Pushing buttons creates temporary closeness — there’s nothing like a meltdown to get your boo or bestie to realize how much they need you — but the fallout can be a long-term loss of trust.

A more relationship-friendly way to handle this influence is to approach that off-limits area gently. People put up “DON’T TOUCH” signs for all sorts of reasons — they’re scared, they’re ashamed, they’re stressed at work — and often don’t know they’re doing it. (Most non-Cancers are emotional idiots.) You have a gift for helping others feel safe opening up. Doing this while respecting boundaries will lead to a deeper, more lasting intimacy.
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July 23 to August 22

A serious itch wants scratching, Leo, and your to-do list is already a mile long. Suck up all the inspiration you can while Jupiter, planet of big ideas, is dancing with your ruler, the sun. You’ll likely be feeling on top of your game and the boost of confidence should give you some brilliant ideas. Take advantage of the insight to firm up plans for a creative project, send a heart-on-your-sleeve message, or set a course for what you want to accomplish at work. There is a risk of going overboard, especially on Tuesday, when drama and passion are on high. Recruit a no-bullshit friend to give you their two cents before taking an impulsive plunge.

Control issues are likely to surface at work throughout the week. It’s a good time to address any tug-of-wars or favoritism that’s been creating stress. Start by owning your part in the tango, especially where fears about not being seen or being overpowered have made you act like your worst self.

Mercury, planet of communication, enters sober Capricorn on Thursday, making hard conversations socially acceptable. It’s a good time to sign contracts — both literal and figurative — and scrap ones that aren’t working. By the weekend, you’ll be ready to express your wild side. Take yourself to a place that’s sequins-friendly and let ‘er rip!
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August 23 to September 22

Your nerdy and devious sides are in perfect harmony this week. Your homework: Geek out with real-world puzzles and have fun doing it. The world’s in a sober frame of mind, making everyone more aware of where they’ve miscalculated and where they need to commit. Your analytical skills can come in handy, if you sidestep your insecurities.

This doesn’t mean you’re off the hook for the week’s relationship madness. In fact, some of the problems that need solving likely involve your dating, creative, or parenting life. If you have kids, find out why your 2-year-old is acting so very terrible before “fixing” the behavior. (Because astrological symbolism is weird, the same applies for a sketchy-acting sweetie or crush — or art project.) Be skeptical of any "yes" that comes too easily; there’s likely more going on beneath the surface. A gentle-yet-precise question can do a lot to bring out hidden feelings and make you feel more seen in your relationships. It’s also a fabulous time for intense, pull-out-the-stops, sexy romance — especially when you take the lead.
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September 23 to October 22

The moon, ruler of feelings, passes through your sign early this week, putting you in perfect balance with yourself. This is a good time for making decisions and changes, as the voices in your head should be doing a better job than usual of collaborating. Whatever you put into motion now will set the tone for the weeks ahead. If you feel extra tired, it’s your emotions’ way of getting your attention; go with it and rest. Most likely, though, you’ll feel intensely energized, ready to get way deep in your key relationships. Sex can lead to powerful breakthroughs, as can an hour-long heart-to-heart.

This is an equally time to connect with your home base, including your family, housemates, and cultural background. We can easily go on auto-pilot in these parts of our lives, being agreeable where we need to stick up for ourselves and manipulative where we forget we have agency. There’s good support right now for noticing these dynamics and improving them. You might not be able to change anyone else, but an adjustment to your own behavior can make being in those relationships way more pleasant.
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October 23 to November 21

Intensity, relationships, secrets, and passionate action are a few of the most Scorpionic things life can offer, and they’re all happening this week. Outwardly, you might be as inscrutable as Mona Lisa’s smile, but inwardly, you’re probably steepling your fingers like a very pleased Monty Burns. Not that intimacy, secrets, or the rest of it are bad — it's just that they send the rest of us scrambling for shelter, while you come into your strength.

During the middle of the week especially, while the moon passes over your sun, you’re likely to feel powered up and ready for change. Your relationship to social media and the people you know through online life are a good place to get closer and realer. Any deeper layer you can crack will have a ripple effect throughout the next month. It is important, though, to break through ethically. In other words, step up your own realness game. Manipulation and emotional sleight-of-hand can get quick results, but the aftershocks could be brutal. One of the scariest and most transformative things a human being can do is be totally honest. Make a confession to someone you trust and watch the relationship come alive in a new way.
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November 22 to December 21

Your relationship to objects and money is ready to grow this week. That doesn’t mean you’ll get rich (sorry!), but facing your financial issues could do a lot to improve your stability. Thanks to Marie Kondo, we all now know we should only keep objects that spark joy. This is a good week to visit your closet with a Goodwill donation box — or straight-up trash bag — in hand.

Think bigger, though, Archer: Which of your possessions actively reduce your quality of life? Instead of sparking joy, do they annihilate all hope? Sounds over-the-top, but the fact is most of us haul around literal baggage that has crappy memories attached to it or giant monthly bills. On that same note, what part of your value system have you outgrown? Get real about what matters to you — what sparks that big, vibrant sense of Sagittarian meaning — and make it your obsession this week.

On Friday, the moon enters your sign, bringing insight into the necessary changes and setting your course for the next four weeks. Soak up the happy vibes — or chill if you need it. The weekend is prime for an extra-interesting date, hangout, or art adventure.
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