What Singles Are Thankful For This Year — According To Their Dating Profiles

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It's almost Thanksgiving, and the people behind Hinge have asked their users to say what they're thankful for this year, just like the time-honored elementary school tradition.
Except the answers are a lot more exciting when you're grown up, single, and answering on an online dating app.
People were especially thankful for Larry David this year, for instance, as compared to last year when they were thankful for Joe Biden memes (which, why wouldn't you be?).
Hinge data scientists analyzed about 21,000 responses from users on the app for their statistics, which they shared with Refinery29.
“Since Thanksgiving is right around the corner we were curious to know what our users were most thankful for this year,” Jean-Marie McGrath, director of communications at Hinge, told Refinery29. “We found that men who say they’re grateful for Kanye and women who appreciate food receive the most interest — confirming that our members should be honest and authentic on their profile because it leads to better connections."
While being thankful for all kinds of food got women the most likes, Mexican food in specific was a winner for people this year. Tacos, avocados, chipotle, burritos, and margaritas tied with Spotify, Netflix, Instagram, iPhone and Twitter for the things people were most thankful for in 2017. Food and technology, who would have thought?
And while it might be the most acceptable answer when you're hanging out with your grandma to say that you're thankful for family, friends, or maybe even God (depending on your religion), Hinge found that 79% of people were more thankful for dogs than they were for God.
When it came down to the city, people in Boston were most thankful for Tom Brady, New Yorkers were thankful for Seamless, Chicagoans liked road trips, people in Washington were here for Chinese food, San Franciscans were thankful for almond milk, and people in L.A. were all about avocados.
While all of this data might not give you much insight into building a better dating profile, it does tell us that even in a year that plenty of people think is pretty much garbage, at least there are dogs.
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