Watch One Person Transform Into 10 Cult Horror Movie Characters

Throughout the years, plenty of terrifying villains have made their way into the cultural zeitgeist (and many a nightmare). There was The Strange Case Of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, with the classic good-scientist-turned-evil trope. The Phantom Of The Opera enthralled audiences, first as a silent horror film in 1925, then as a musical, then again as a movie starring Emmy Rossum. And of course, there was Dracula — no explanation needed.
Since those early days, however, the creation of a horror villain has evolved. While star Lon Chaney created his own makeup look in 1925's Phantom Of The Opera using an elaborate concoction of dentures, rubber, cotton, face paint, and the selective use of highlights, nowadays villains are slightly more unreal and likely require some special effects to get to that extra level of scary.
Still, all these fictional villains — and the work it takes to become them — deserve some recognition. So to celebrate Friday the 13th, we decided to transform one woman into 10 different scary movie icons. Some of these looks were particularly easy; Jason Voorhees in Friday The 13th, for example, simply required some eyeliner and a mask. Others, however, were much more involved. Unless you're a pro makeup artist, pulling off It's Pennywise is a laudable feat.
So if Cady Heron's level of scary in Mean Girls is your usual speed, here is some major inspiration for this year's Halloween. Go all out with some blue skin and long, wet hair as Sadako Yamamura from The Ring, or grab some red contacts and white face paint to terrify everyone as Jigsaw. Everyone has already done the sexy cat and mouse dance, and these looks are bound to make a splash (or elicit a scream). Watch above as one woman goes through 10 incredible transformations. Horror fans — rejoice. Everyone else — avert your eyes.
Director: Avelino Pombo
Female Model: Christine Morales
Key Makeup FX Artist: Margaret Caragan
Senior FX Artist: George Schminky
Junior FX Artist: Consuelo T. Lopez
Hair: Rachel Dagdagan
FX Intern: Ava Bambico

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