Taylor Kitsch Opens Up About His Experience Being Homeless In NYC

We often think of celebrities as being impermeable to the struggles of everyday life; they have money and notoriety, therefore they never have to worry about paying bills or falling asleep with a roof over their heads. But every once in a while, an actor will remind us that fame doesn't always prevent personal hardships.
Taylor Kitsch, who you may fondly know as Tim Riggins from Friday Night Lights, has recently found a lot of success in Hollywood. Over the past few years, he's starred in major TV and film hits, including True Detective, Lone Survivor, and The Normal Heart – but Kitsch says that his luck wasn't always so great.
The actor spoke with Us Weekly while at the American Assassin premiere last week, revealing that he was once briefly homeless and slept on the subway in New York City.
"It was a blue train from downtown all the way up to 182nd and at night they'd change, they'd take longer, A, C, or E," he recalled.
After "a few weeks," Kitsch found an apartment, but said he had "no electricity or power or hot water for months." He told The Daily Beast about his time in the dingy apartment, saying that he lit the space using candles he got from a friend's girlfriend. The same woman also gave him a blow-up mattress to sleep on, and the one kitchen utensil he had was a pot he stole from a garage sale.
Kitsch recalled those moments to Us Weekly and said that while his living conditions weren't ideal, he didn't think too much about calling it quits on his dreams.
"Oh, I had beats like that, but when you don't have a contingency, it's funny what you'll put up with," he said. "At the time you're not thinking that, you're just doing it and you're young."
I, for one, am certainly (and selfishly) happy that he's doing so well — mainly because there's footage of him dressed in a suit and playing with rescue puppies.
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