These Chili's Engagement Photos Are Perfect

Forget baby back ribs and endless appetizers. Believe it or not, Chili's also happens to be a spot for pretty clutch engagement photos. According to PopSugar, couple Krista Doyle and Kelly Boyles skipped out on the usual spots and opted to snap a set of sweet photos at the popular restaurant chain to celebrate their upcoming wedding. If you want to know what love is, this is it.
Doyle shared the snapshots on Twitter, which show her and Boyles downing a portion of chips and salsa. No staged hugs or awkward over-the-shoulder glances here. Instead, their engagement photos may just be the most down-to-earth and relatable ones around. Nothing says "I love you" like sharing an appetizer, especially when you're shoveling a tortilla chip into someone else's mouth.
Chili's caught sight of the images and replied to the amazing set of photos, saying, "These are the best engagement pictures we've ever seen."
The seemingly un-staged and spur-of-the-moment photo shoot looks like an unplanned occurrence, but that's because it sort-of was. The couple was in the middle of their actual engagement shoot when they decided to stop into Chili's. Not for photos, exactly, but because they were actually hungry.
"I just said, 'We should do a few at Chili's!' because Kelly and I both love food," Doyle told PopSugar. "And I've been a huge Chili's fan my entire life."
And Chili's offer of a gift could mean that the actual wedding will serve up chips and queso, but there's no guarantee. Doyle even said that she considered having the appetizers at the ceremony, but added that nothing's set just yet. C'mon Chili's, step it up and offer these ladies a deluge of dip.
The unconventional shoot parallels the pair's unlikely meet-cute, too. "We met on set of a web series our mutual friends were making called The Bacheloresbian, which is a lesbian parody of The Bachelorette," Doyle added. "We were both 'contestants,' but I fell for her instantly and asked her on a date two days later."
Who says you can't find real love in a mock reality television show?
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