The Sweet Reason These Girls Threw Their Friend A Surprise Prom

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For many teens across the U.S., prom is the height of the high school experience. It’s the final chapter before leaping into the unknown abyss known as adulthood. It’s also the premise for one too many classic teen films. However, one student, Paige Porter, was rushed to the hospital in the midst of prepping for prom.
“I was actually in the middle of getting my makeup done when I realized, ‘wow, I’m gonna pass out,'” Porter explained in an interview with Yahoo Style. “I went to stand up but I couldn’t move at all. I just laid my head back and told my mom. As soon as I finished talking, I was out.”
Thankfully, Porter’s diagnosis wasn’t severe, she suffered from low blood sugar and a slowed heartbeat. Though a few hours in the hospital didn’t stop the teen from attending her prom. She headed home, had her mother help her get dressed and made up, and then she was off for the night. Though needless to say she wasn’t feeling 100 percent; Porter left early. Despite staying long enough to see who was crowned king and queen, she missed out on the best part: taking those iconic prom photos.
Here’s where it gets good. Porter’s friends, aware of their pal’s troubled evening planned something special for her later. “They felt so bad for me when they got the that call I was in the hospital,” she said in the interview. “My best friend Logann then said something about planning another prom so I would be able to get pictures.”
The girls gathered one more time for one pretty epic photo. Check it out below!

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