There's A New M&M's Flavor Coming & It's The Chocolatiest EVER

Photographed by Megan Madden.
We've always heard that patience is a virtue, but that supposedly wise saying is ridiculously hard to live by when Mars is inventing new M&M's flavors constantly. Last month, we caught wind of the M&M's that are allegedly being released in the fall in honor of Halloween, and though we were excited by the news, we were also unsure about waiting six months to taste the White Chocolate Pumpkin Pie M&M's. Well the waiting game just got a whole lot more painful because another tasty new flavor was just revealed, and it won't be on store shelves for a good long while.
Yesterday, the junkbanter Instagram account posted a photo that featured a package of this never-before-seen M&M's flavor, and it looks like there's a lot going on in this one treat. The flavor is called Triple Chocolate. According to the description on the purple bag, each M&M has a milk chocolate center, which is surrounded by a layer of white chocolate and an outer layer of dark chocolate. That triple chocolate nugget is then encased in the signature candy coating.
The color scheme of the candy pieces is red, pink, and purple because the flavor was created just for Valentine's Day. Junkbanter's caption explained, "Mars will debut Triple Chocolate M&M's for Valentine's Day 2018." Bummer, right? In case you need help with the math, that's 8 months away. With that long stretch of time lying between us and Triple Chocolate M&M's, we're not sure whether to thank junkbanter for revealing this tasty treat or if we would have been better off not knowing about it until its release was closer. About halfway through this waiting period, we'll get the new fall M&M's, but honestly, right now, all we want is Triple Chocolate. Maybe we'll just have to snack on some good old-fashioned regular M&M's in the meantime. Or mix up bags of dark, milk, and white chocolate in an attempt to hack the flavor.

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