These Newly Released Photos From Hillary Clinton's Campaign Make Us Feel All Kinds Of Things

Photo: Andrew Harnik/AP/Shutterstock/REX.
After Hillary Clinton’s shocking loss to Donald Trump in November, it was only a matter of time before the release of an exclusive tell-all book. The only question was, who would be the first people to profit off the election results? Jonathan Allen and Amie Parnes won the prize after they rapidly churned out Shattered: Inside Hillary Clinton’s Doomed Campaign.
Published on April 18, Allen and Parnes’ book makes bold claims of a dysfunctional campaign that was plagued by infighting. For many former Clinton staffers, it was particularly infuriating to see the Democratic candidate herself described as “imperial” and uninvolved with her own campaign. In addition to publishing articles refuting the claims made in Shattered, Clinton’s staffers have taken to social media to share behind-the-scenes photos of what life was really like on the campaign trail.
Spoiler alert — the photos show a campaign that bears no resemblance to the hellish experience described by Allen and Parnes. But, we must warn you that, if you’re still devastated by the election’s outcome (*raises hand*), these images will almost definitely bring tears to your eyes.
Sure, they didn’t all root for the same baseball teams. But somehow, they managed to enjoy the World Series together. Imagine that.
Look at this terrible argument between Nick Merrill and Greg Hale. The horror!
If Clinton’s staffers were terrified of her as Shattered alleges, they did a standup job of hiding it. Someone give them their Oscars, STAT.
And as for all that infighting amongst the staff? These candids tell quite a different story.
Stress, exhaustion, and long hours come with the territory of every presidential campaign. But a picture is worth a thousand words — and the multitude of images from Clinton’s staffers tells a very different story than the one in the pages of Shattered.

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