These 7 Products Can Help You Get Free Shipping At Sephora

There are no two words in the English language more beautiful than “free shipping.” It should be a law, really, that all shipping be free in order to encourage people to help stimulate the economy by spending lots and lots of money shopping online. It makes perfect sense, don’t you think?
Alas, that law does not exist (not yet, at least), and that means you still have to buy $50 or more beauty products to get free shipping from Which doesn’t sound like a lot, in theory, but when you’re on a budget and have that $38 moisturizer in your shopping cart and need to hit exactly $50 to make the cut, that $12 void can feel like the weight of the world. (Or something like that.)
Instead of scrounging for two random sheet masks to add to your cart on a whim, consider these more affordable items that will help you round out the rest of that purchase. This should come in handy once VIB sale season rolls around, which is… right about now.

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