Songs To Play When You're In The Honeymoon Phase

Being in love should come with a medical list of side effects. May induce: nausea, slight fever, and hallucinations. After all, when you're in love, everything feels different. The sky's a more vivid shade of blue; birds chirp according to a different melody; your steps are so buoyant you might as well be walking on moonbeams.
Another side effect of being in love? You're attuned to the greatest conspiracy of them all: the songs on the radio were written for you. Suddenly, every track is full of lyrics to close-read and doodle in the margins of notebooks. Whether it's a soul song from the '60s or a synth-heavy pop song, if it's about love, then it's about you.
When you're deep into the honeymoon phase, these songs across all genres will help bolsters those Cloud 9 feelings. If you're feeling especially romantic, you can even burn them on a mix tape.
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"Holographic Lover" by St. Beauty

You see, love's got my in a daze / Crazy, how it make me behave / Exhilarating, I feel so full again / So kiss me, cause time is of the essence, babe

This song sounds the way love, glitter, and amazement feel. Actually, all of St. Beauty's music sounds like that.
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"The Louvre" by Lorde

"But we're the greatest, they'll hang us in the Louvre"

All of the tracks off Lorde's most recent album are undercut by a darkness, or the knowledge of an ending. But "The Louvre" comes during the climax of the relationship, when things are at their best.
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"Worship" by Lizzo

"Hands to the sky, show me that you're mine"

Lizzo's song describes, quite exuberantly, how a person really wants to be treated when they're in a relationship. Cared for, adored, and — why not? — worshipped.
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"Ain't No Mountain High Enough" by Marvin Gaye & Tammi Terrell

"'Cause baby there ain't no mountain high enough / Ain't no valley low enough / Ain't no river wide enough / To keep me from getting to you babe"

You and boo can practice this song in preparation for your triumphant karaoke performance.
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"Rivers and Roads" by the Head and the Heart

"Rivers and roads / Rivers 'til I reach you"

This Head and the Heart song is undoubtedly melancholy, but it's also about prioritizing your life around loved ones, and remembering what's important in life.
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"Best of My Love," The Emotions

"I like the way you make me feel about you, baby / Want the whole wide world to see"

This is the kind of unabashedly jubilant song you want to include in your wedding video.
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"You & I" by Lady Gaga

"There's something about / Baby, you and I"

This country epic of a Lady Gaga song tells a story about a love that persists despite time and separation. If you're dating someone so great you'd bust into a Nebraskan bar and attempt to win them over, then you should listen to "You & I" – and belt out the chorus.
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"Everything I Am Is Yours" by the Villagers

"Sickness and in health / In the darkness and the light / I give you every sight / 'Cause everything I am is yours"

This song is, more or less, modern day hipster vows.
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"Your Love (Keeps Lifting Me Higher)" by Jackie Wilson

"Your love, lifting me higher / Than I've ever been lifted before"

According to Jackie Wilson in this exuberant soul song, love's not an emotion. It's medicine.
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"Let It Grow" by Maximum Balloon, Karen O & Tunde Adebimpe

"I wanna be the one you love / I just had to let it grow"

Thinking that you could be at the start of something good? This sweet, blissful indie pop song captures the soaring hope that love will grow, and just keep growing.
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"Our House" by Phantom Planet (Crosby, Stills and Nash cover)

"Life used to be so hard / Now everything is easy 'cause of you."

Simple domesticity was never painted with such a romantic palette.
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"This Is The One" by The Stone Roses

"This is the one / She's waited for"

Over the course of this enchanting rock song, the same simple sentence builds and arrives at a triumphant climax, horns and all. After days of searching, this track of disbelief and excitement acts more like a mantra than a song.
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"Real Love Baby" by Father John Misty

"I'm in love, I'm alive / I belong to the stars and sky / Let's forget who we are for one night."

In this intelligent love song, Father John Misty brings his unique, '70s-inspired sound to the joy that comes from giving yourself to another person.
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"This Must Be The Place" by Iron & Wine (Talking Heads Cover)

"Oh! I got plenty of time / Oh! You got light in your eyes / And you're standing here beside me / I love the passing of time"

When writing this song, Talking Heads frontman David Byrne wanted to "write [a love song] that wasn't corny, that didn't sound stupid or lame the way many do." You tell us if he succeeded.
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"Lovesong" by the Cure

"Whenever I'm alone with you / You make me feel like I am home again"

Robert Smith wrote this as a wedding present for his bride to be. Now, it's all of ours.
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"A Million Years" by Alexander

"Like a meteor crush / I'm gonna tell the world / Been a million years full of tears / But I found my girl"

When you're in love, the world becomes a cornucopia of pleasures. That's what Alexander explores in this sensual song, in which he struggles to string together complete thoughts but captures images perfectly.
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"Adorn" by Miguel

"Let my love adorn you"

Deploy this alt R & B song when you just wanna pamper someone.
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"Seventeen" by Sjowgren

"We're puzzle pieces / We fit all adding up"

Impossibly catchy, exuberant power pop about love in a supportive relationship? You'll undoubtedly be singing this in the shower.
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"All My Days" by Alexi Murdoch

"I know I'll feel this loneliness no more / All of my days / For I look around me / And it seems you've found me / And it's coming into sight"

Alexi Murdoch, master of emotional acoustic songs, tracks the journey of loneliness to companionship.
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"For Once In My Life" by Stevie Wonder

"For once in my life I have someone who needs me / Someone I've needed so long / For once, unafraid, I can go where life leads me / And somehow I know I'll be strong"

What you sing when life's really good and you can't quite believe it.
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"Love On Top" by Beyoncé

"Now everybody asks me why I'm smiling out from ear to ear"

Every key change makes this song better and better.
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"Gone At Last" by Paul Simon & Phoebe Snow

"I've had a long streak of bad luck / But I pray it's gone at last"

This gem of a duet is sung by two people recognizing they might be at the start of something good.
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"At Last" by Etta James

"I found a thrill to press my cheek to / A thrill I've never known"

Cue the orchestra, because things are about to get swoon-worthy.
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"Home" by Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeroes

"Home is wherever I'm with you."

A twangy, exuberant indie-folk anthem sung by two people who were in a relationship at the time. This song has inspired many an embroidered pillowcase.
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"She's Electric" by Oasis

"I’ll be you and you’ll be me / There’s lots and lots for us to see.”

"She's Electric" introduces a new adjective we want in our compliment repertoire. Sure, you can be called intelligent or beautiful. But electric? That's a whole 'nother level.
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"Make You Feel My Love" by Adele (Bob Dylan Cover)

"I could make you happy, make your dreams come true. / Nothing that I wouldn't do. / Go to the ends of the Earth for you, / To make you feel my love"

Devotion written with the poetry only Dylan could write, and sung the way only Adele can sing.
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"Sunday Candy" by Donnie Trumpet & The Social Experiment

You gotta move it slowly / Take and eat my body like it’s holy / I’ve been waiting for you for the whole week /I’ve been praying for you, you’re my Sunday candy

Chance The Rapper and Jamila Woods are in perfect synch in this ridiculously clever, ridiculously catchy song that uses extended metaphor to talk about love.
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"Maybe I'm Amazed" by Paul McCartney

"Maybe I'm amazed at the way you help me sing my song / Right me when I'm wrong"

Paul's head is indecisive — but his heart is in the relationship the whole way. This song is the most romantic case of overthinking ever.
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