Robert Irwin Is The Spitting Image Of His Dad

Photo: Andrew Lipovsky/NBC.
Like father, like son. Not only is Robert Irwin, son of the late Steve Irwin (a.k.a. the Crocodile Hunter), continuing his father's legacy of educating people all over the world about animals and conservation, he's giving us major feels. Why? They're basically twins. It's clear that they look alike, but it goes further. Robert, now 13, has all the excitement and enthusiasm that his dad did when he brought animals to The Tonight Show.
"My dad was actually on The Tonight Show quite a while ago, and it's really nice to follow in his footsteps. I think I am the luckiest kid on planet earth," Robert told host Jimmy Fallon.
Fallon admitted that he had some reservations — he's afraid of animals. Being the pro that he is, Robert brought out some of the coolest and cutest animals and had plenty of info to go with them. It was like watching a mini Steve Irwin.
In true Crocodile Hunter style, the first animal that Robert brought out was a dwarf croc. Fallon was hesitant, but Robert was calm and cool. Throughout, Robert was a complete pro, handling the critters and offering insight into each one, just like his pop did. Next came an armadillo and a boa constrictor. Fallon was visibly stiff throughout the segment, but the last animal seemed to calm him down.
Robert offered up a cute baby sloth, which seemed to be more Fallon's speed. Robert described the animal as "cute and fluffy" and shared some fun sloth facts. When Fallon held another sloth, a 25 pounder named Serenity, Robert declared him the "sloth whisperer."
It looks like little Robert is ready to continue his dad's legacy and we are so here for it (and the cute animals).
Check out the clip, below.

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