Let Yourself Be Calmed By This Tiny, Adorable Banana

We're more than halfway through the week, which means that small burst of energy we had the last couple of days has pretty much fizzled out. But, that's okay because we're all in the same boat. So maybe it's time for a little break and a precious picture pick-me-up. Reddit has just supplied what we needed and more with one adorable food photo.

Today, a Reddit user named Turtle456 posted a picture of the smallest banana you've ever seen to the /r/thingsforants subreddit — sidenote: if you've never explored that sub, you should really make that a life priority. Since being posted just nine hours ago, the photo has made it to the number one slot on /r/thingsforants thanks to 313 upvotes. We can see why it's so popular because it is freaking cute! See for yourself.
While some people are content just staring at the petite fruit, others wanted to know why in the world this banana is so small. Obviously, Reddit had the answer. A user known as THOSANDJosh commented, "Fun Fact: The breed of banana is literally named the 'Truly Tiny' banana (Musa 'Truly Tiny'). It's a tiny breed of banana that you can grow indoors." Is that not the sweetest thing you've ever heard? Rest easy tonight, thinking about truly tiny bananas. Just like a normal-sized banana, it could do wonders to help energize you for the rest of the week.

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