You NEED To Watch Popcorn Pop In Super Slow Motion

We love a good mesmerizing food video. The subject doesn't really matter. As long as said video will suck us in, and distract us from whatever it is we're trying to avoid doing, count us in for a view. Today, we took a break from our regularly scheduled cake-frosting programming to watch a popcorn kernel pop in extreme slow motion. That might not sound particularly exciting, but trust us, this is something special.

According to Munchies, the videos hail from Warped Perception — a YouTube channel that recorded the popping process with a special high-speed camera. You can watch the action at 1,300 and 30,000 frames per second, which didn't really mean anything to us until we saw it. Who knew that the act of microwaving a bag of popcorn is really more like creating a work of art? Check out the videos below and join us in guessing what the next viral food video will be. We're thinking slow-mo fruit peeling.


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