You Can Never Unsee This Harry Potter Image

Courtesy of Getty
There's no feeling quite like witnessing movie magic firsthand as a child. Watching dragons spit fire and toys come to life is a thrill unlike any other form of nostalgia.

Then, we learn about the tricks: the wires and CGI...the green and blue screens and — LIES! It's all lies.

For many, no film franchise has captured the imagination more than Harry Potter. However, as Seventeen discovered, an old behind-the-scenes still has resurfaced on Imgur from The Half-Blood Prince. And the image is threatening what little childhood we have left.

It turns out, that dreamy library with books that organize themselves had a trick up its sleeve, one that even the wizarding world couldn't keep secret.

Let's just say we can now blame eerie, grabby green hands for lifting the veil over our eyes.

See for yourself.

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