America's Love For Jack In The Box Tacos Is A Phenomenon That Cannot Be Explained

Photo: Geri Lavrov/Getty Images.
Were you aware that Jack in the Box sells over 554 million tacos in America each year? No? Don't worry, we weren't even aware the chain had tacos on its menu. Russell Adams, a writer for the Wall Street Journal, brought these important facts to the public's attention yesterday in his piece exploring why people are so obsessed with this particular fast food item.

The article attempts to investigate why in the world so many people are so addicted to a taco that, according to Adams, "has been described as a wet envelope of cat food." He takes us through the taco's history, talks to everyday people about their devotion to the food, and even cites a number of celebrities who have been very public about their own love of Jack in the Box's tacos.

My cake was... Jack n the box tacos... Yes.

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In the end, Adams doesn't come to any real conclusion about the phenomenon but his search is so riveting and the quest so noble, people everywhere are reading and sharing the piece. Even if you've never tasted these tacos, certain comments from Adams' interviewees are sure to resonate. My personal favorite observation, "there are two kinds of people: those who think they’re disgusting and those who agree they’re disgusting but are powerless to resist them," could be applied to so many delicious foods that are universally regarded as pure garbage.

If you're still in utter disbelief that Jack in the Box sells around 1,055 of its tacos every minute, and need more proof that people actually really do love these things, all you have to do is turn to Twitter. Just a day after this Wall Street Journal piece was published, people all over social media are talking about it and coming clean about their love affair with the tacos.

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