This Wine Review Is Too Funny To Be True

Photographed by Alexandra Gavillet.
Some people take their wine very, very seriously. Before they open a bottle, they want to know about the wine's tannins, legs, and what it pairs well with. Others, well, we care a little less about all that and are really just looking for a wine that will help us unwind and maybe have a few laughs. If you fall into that second category, Reddit just shared the wine review you've been looking for all your life.

Yesterday, a Redditor named DeletedFor posted a photo of a wine review card to the r/funny subreddit, and it looks like the type of adult beverage we need a glass of right away. Not only does it tell you what a drinker named Jeff W, thinks of the wine, but it also gives some classy pairing recommendations, we'd love to try. Check it out.
Unfortunately for those of us that really wanted to get drunk like a suburban mom while watching Desperate Housewives — doesn't that sound like an ideal evening? — this is actually a joke review. After some digging, we found that it was written by a guy named Jeff Wysaski as part of a project he calls Obvious Plant. The point of Obvious Plant, according to Fast Company, is to make people laugh by planting fake signs in various public spaces. This wine review is actually part of a series put together by Wysaski back in 2015. Anyone who likes to have fun with their wine will appreciate the series, and we bet, if you try hard enough, you can make this particular review a reality with any wine you chose.


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