If You Think 2016 Is Bad On Land, It's Much Worse Underwater

Photo Credit: Twitter/ @rfedortsov.
As bad as it was up here on land this year, things were a whole lot darker down below sea-level. In case you did not know: the ocean is terrifying. It is big, wet, cold, deep, mysterious, and full of fish that are a lot scarier than Nemo and the gang.

And one brave Russian sailor, Roman Fedortsov, is finding them on his deep-sea travels and sharing pictures of his interesting discoveries on Twitter, The Moscow Times reports. Thanks to additional coverage on Gizmodo, Fedortsov's tweets are getting more and more popular, with curious folks like myself gawking at the demonic-looking things.

You have to see these unique underwater dwellers to believe them. As weird as they are, it's hard to look away. These fish deserve their own Tim Burton-Pixar spin-off. R-rated, of course.

To quote Shakespeare's The Tempest, "Hell is empty, and all the devils are here!”

Sorry for the nightmares.

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