We Love This Apology Cake A Teen's Mom Baked After A Drug Test Mixup

When ex-teen Rachel Gelmis was drug tested, she knew she was clean. But the test thought differently. Her results were, like, insanely positive for a lot of different drugs. The test said that she had THC, cocaine, heroin, meth, benzos, and barbiturates in her system. She didn't, but her mom, Karen, didn't believe her.

So Karen got very, very scared. But the school realized they had messed up, so they called and told her mom that nothing was wrong. That's how this cake was born. This amazing cake. Take a look.
Gelmis is 20 now, but the photo and cake were produced in 2012, when she was just 16 and still in high school. The school offered drug tests, which her mom asked her to take because she was acting strange. So, the failed drug test, a terrifying encounter with the administration, and a shocked and sad mom later they finally figured out the test came back false positive. Phew.

“[Mom] said: ‘I didn’t think you were on all of those drugs, but the test results were a shock. I just thought you were smoking pot or something’,” Gelmis tells The Huffington Post. “She’s always been a very understanding and patient mom. I love her to death and we still laugh about this story all the time.”

The cake was Gelmis' idea, as a way of clearing the air.

"We're really close and we have a pretty goofy relationship so a silly cake wasn't totally out of bounds or weird," she tells us via email.

Gelmis has become a computer science student at University of Alabama, Hunstville, and her mom is a program integrator for NASA.

"Her office is right across the street from my school so I can go and bother her anytime I want," Gelmis tells us.

Or, one presumes, to go get some cake.

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