Former Child Star Performs Bizarre Song, Gets Roasted, Posts Crying Video

Former child star Corey Feldman had a musical performance go viral for all the wrong reasons Friday. If you don't fully remember Feldman, he starred in movies like The Goonies, Stand By Me, and The Lost Boys. Feldman appeared on Today backed by a band of Corey's Angels, a group of women that hang around him and attend parties like this one, and performed a song called "Go 4 It" from his album Angelic 2 The Core, available here.

Feldman, for sure, went for it. We could describe the performance, but you should just watch it. It's worth the time.
Ok, so that happened. The fallout was swift and insanely predictable. Feldman's feelings were hurt, so he and Courtney Anne, who calls herself his "maingel" took to Facebook Live to tell everyone to stop being so mean.

"We just wanted to tell everybody that, like, it's been really painful," Feldman, 45, said through tears. "We put ourselves out there and we did the best that we could. And, like, I've never had such mean things said about me. Like constantly."

Anne and Feldman felt hurt by the tone of the comments online.

"Like if you Google 'Corey Feldman Today performance' like every media is, like –," Anne said.

Feldman concluded her sentence: "Like 'Oh it's so bizarre and he's so weird and he's so odd.'"

Feldman said he hadn't left bed and was "petrified to even go out."

Read a full transcript of his remarks here.

The video has since been deleted, but online sentiment has shifted from vicious to sympathetic and mildly bemused. Give Feldman credit for attempting to reboot his career in fairly spectacular fashion.

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