6 Reasons We're Already Fans Of Moana

The third trailer, and first "full-length" one, for Disney's Moana premiered today, and we are "still falling" in love with this movie (you'll get that after you watch it, trust us). There are so many things we think will be delightful about it when it hits theaters on November 23, simply based on what we've seen.

1. Action: The trailer opens with scary depictions of a fiery "great danger" that's threatening Moana (voiced by Auli’i Cravalho) and her people. Then there are epic shots of a sailboat crashing through a storm that show just how advanced computer animation has become. We can tell now that this teenage heroine will have to be braver than all of her predecessors combined.

2. Scenery: Though this trailer's inspiring us to book that South Pacific trip we've been dreaming of, the ticket that we're more likely able to afford is to the 3-D screening of the movie instead.

3. Such Good Hair: After Tiana and Merida, Moana marks only the third Disney princess with curly hair. As far as we can tell, Maui (Dwayne Johnson) is the first curly-haired demigod from the studio. Both manes are glorious, and we are now imagining all the great costumes that are going to follow. Elsa hair is so 2013.

4. So Much Cuteness: We haven't seen quite enough of the cute pig Pua in this trailer, but Moana's googly-eyed chicken Heihei makes up for that. Also, those evil, armed coconuts, the Kakamora, might be Disney's answer to the Minions.

5. The Rock: It's gratifying to see that Moana is doing most of the badassery in this trailer, shuffling the Rock to the role of wisecracking sidekick. Hopefully, she'll get to be a little funny too.

6. We Won't Miss The Love Story: As directors John Musker and Ron Clements said at Comic-Con, this is about Moana finding herself, not about her finding love. We can get our gooey prince stories elsewhere, thank you very much.

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