Your Horoscope This Week — Sep 18 2016

Illustrated by John Lisle.
Photographed by Christine Hahn.
Tired of stressing and obsessing? Turn your solo missions into tag-team ventures and watch how easy everything becomes. On Thursday, the sun wraps its monthlong tour of finicky Virgo and moves to Libra — the sign of peace, love, harmony, and partnership — until October 22. Twosomes of all varieties will thrive: business, pleasure, and creative collaborations. When casting for the role of your “other half,” don't just go for the easy fit. Opposites attract during this solar-powered month.

Existing relationships will also mend, thanks to the cooperative influence of Libra season. But that's not the only reason: Thursday also marks the end of a signal-scrambling Mercury retrograde that began on August 30. Mixed messages and miscommunications have run rampant since then — oh, the regrets! If you spoke in haste or anger, start making amends. P.S.: This could take a minute, depending on how badly the bridge was burned. Don't give up if you know the friendship is worth it.

The seductive vibes are simmering starting Friday, when Venus slinks into Scorpio until October 18.

Keep that privacy policy in place! Secretive Scorpio wants love to be an undercover affair, not a steady stream of Snapchat stories. Bring on the lingerie-inspired fashion, black leather jackets, and punk-rock accents. "Sexy badass with a hint of goth" is how stylish Venus in Scorpio likes to see us roll.

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Illustrated by John Lisle.
Photographed by Christine Hahn.
August 23 to September 22
Uncork one last bottle of bubbly and, by all means, have your cake. The sun lingers in your sign until Thursday, drawing 2016's Virgo season to a close (sniff). After that, le soleil will blaze through Libra and your productive, pragmatic second house until October 22. Time to get back down to biz. With a posse of planets cruising through your sign this fall, you’ve got some big ideas brewing. Now’s the time to run them through the reality filter: What time, money, and people power will be needed to pull them off? Whip on the project manager’s fedora and get that plan in place. While you’ll need to tighten your belt and (gulp) budget for a bit, you’ll embrace the challenge. And don’t worry: There’s still fun to be had!

More good news arrives on Thursday, when your ruling planet Mercury ends an aggravating three-week retrograde through Virgo. To say you’ve been misunderstood since the 30th of August would be putting it mildly. So frustrating! But don’t let these setbacks turn into stumbling blocks. Redemption time has arrived! Take a deep breath and explain yourself...for the 15th time. If people have mistaken your kindness for weakness, disabuse them of these myths. Let them know where your limits lie and what your requirements are as you move ahead. Forget about being a follower! Let your competitive spirit out to play instead of being so damn polite. The cream always rises to the top.

Friday arrives with a code orange flirt alert. Venus, the cosmic coquette, zips into Scorpio and your sparkly third house until the 18th of October. You’ll have them at hello, Virgo — but you might not want to keep them there for long. Turn on your charms selectively. This Venus phase brings excitement to your social circle, too. Branch out and mingle in a new scene, because you could meet some kindred spirits before the month is through.
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Illustrated by John Lisle.
Photographed by Christine Hahn.
September 23 to October 22
Light the candles. Pour the bubbly. The Festival of Libra begins this Thursday as the sun makes its annual stopover to your sign until the 22 of October. Your mantra: Out with the old, in with the new. Curate your possessions, keeping only the things that bring you joy. Then, give your schedule the same scathing review. Don’t waste time stewing in any sentimental blues. With the sun in your sign, cultivating personal interests and exploring new social outlets will cheer you up quickly. You could gain some serious respect for one of your creative skills. Make time to develop one of those slumbering passion projects.

Have boundaries been blurring lately? With Mercury retrograde in your foggy 12th house since August 30, some lines have definitely grown fuzzy. Uncomfortable? Awkward? Yes, but we teach people how to treat us, Libra. As you’ve learned over the past few weeks, giving ‘til it hurts rarely brings the appreciation you crave and deserve. If a relationship has become lopsided, this is the time to pull back — or make clear requests and see if people step up. And with Mercury now dissolving your creative blocks, you can redirect that energy towards penning a short story or producing your first EP.

On Friday, love planet Venus slips into Scorpio, starting a slow-burning fire in your sensual second house. Turn on some Adele, kick up your fleece slippers, and relax behind closed doors with the one you adore. The boy- or girl-next-door type could win your heart — turns out that type isn't so boring, after all. This Venus cycle whets your appetite for the finer things in life. Make a budget for an investment piece or two, but go easy on the retail therapy splurges.
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Illustrated by John Lisle.
Photographed by Christine Hahn.
October 23 to November 21
Your popularity has been on the rise for the past few weeks, but have some energy vampires slipped into your circle? Time to clean house, Scorpio. From Thursday until October 22, the sun weaves through Libra and your 12th house of healing, boundaries, and transitions for a month. During this cycle, you'll be extra-sensitive to people's energy and just can't afford to roll with the low-vibes crowd. Needy friends could suck the life out of you, too. Practice this word liberally: No. People who honestly respect you won't be mad if you set clear limits. As for the others? Bye! Clear the decks so you can make a fresh start on October 22, when your birthday celebrations begin.

Fortunately, your social life gets a reboot on Thursday as Mercury snaps out of retrograde mode. Since August 30, the messenger planet’s been jamming up the signals on Team Scorpio. Get the gang back together this weekend — or start scouting for new recruits if the retrograde caused your squad to melt down. Bring the community spirit back to work-related projects. Join forces with other freethinkers and circulate at networking events and group hangs. And since the 11th house is the tech sector, you have the green light to develop an online venture or spruce up your social-media profiles.

Friday brings the best news of the week! Passionate, radiant Venus makes her annual stopover to Scorpio, amping up your charm and irresistibility until October 18. Flying solo? Hang on to your single status for a little while, because this sultry phase is fun for dabbling, dating around, and hooking up. Already spoken for? Give yourself a longer leash. You at least need permission to flirt without crossing lines. Make time to pursue your independent interests — your relationship will benefit from your inner growth.
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Illustrated by John Lisle.
Photographed by Christine Hahn.
November 22 to December 21
Flutter, flutter. The Sagittarius social butterfly is busting out of the cocoon this Thursday as the sun kicks off a monthlong tour through Libra and your 11th house of teamwork and technology. Has it been getting lonely at the top? Embrace the spirit of cooperation, even if that means sharing some of the glory. You’ll be quite the popular one now, but with so many people wanting a piece of your time, you'll go insane trying to schedule one-on-ones. Plan a casual group hangout at your favorite coffeeshop or bar. This could turn into a weekly thing, making it easier to connect to your entourage on a regular basis.

If ambitious plans have stalled, take heart. Since August 30, mental Mercury's been retrograde in your career zone, making it hard to get a clear sense of progress. Efforts to be productive may have been interrupted by annoying distractions, too. Frustrating! On Thursday, Mercury corrects course and you'll start to reap the rewards of your efforts. Speak up, Sagittarius: If you need friends to stop texting during work hours, make the ask — and silence your ringer so you can "singletask" and leave the office at a decent hour. Communicating with colleagues gets easier, too. But before you can move ahead, you might actually need to apologize for stepping on some toes or getting a little too, uh, competitive.

A fantasy-fueled chapter opens up for your love life this Friday when Venus takes an enchanted voyage through Scorpio and your dreamy 12th house. While you might not have the clearest boundaries between now and October 18, your dropped defenses could give a shyer crush an opening to come and talk to you. For some Archers, this Venus cycle could be bittersweet, forcing you to deal with the fact that you’ve outgrown a relationship. But maybe you just need more time for yourself. Try that before breaking up: Absence CAN make the heart grow fonder.
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Illustrated by John Lisle.
Photographed by Christine Hahn.
December 22 to January 19
Capricorn, FTW! Your competitive spirit is stoked this Thursday as the sun blazes into Libra and your ambitious 10th house until October 22. Your career could grow by leaps and bounds over the coming four weeks. Make your dedication obvious and some helpful influencers could take you under their wings. Have you been spreading yourself too thin? Focus on one major milestone (or, okay, two) you want to pull off before 2016 is through and give it your all.

Also on Thursday, it’s safe to down the truth serum again. Messenger Mercury ends a rocky retrograde through your candid ninth house — one that’s caused some “open mouth, insert ankle boot” gaffes since August 30. Although you had a point to make (or a truly hilarious joke to crack), your words got lost in translation. As Mercury corrects course on Thursday, you can start speaking your mind again...and apologize to anyone you offended. Travel plans get back on track, too. Who knows? Your weekend plans could include a spontaneous getaway. Just go!

On Friday, love planet Venus enters your eccentric 11th house, widening your view of what and who is attractive. The buttoned-up beauties and baseball-cap-sporting bros probably won't do it for you between now and October 18. Aqua hair, leather jacket, badass tattoos? Now we're talking. While intriguing people tend to wear their style on their sleeves, be careful not to judge every book by its cover. A beautiful mind is far more compelling than anything during this Venus cycle, so give the geeks a chance, too. Keep swiping right if you’re single! Digital dating gets an extra boost from Venus’ beams for the coming four weeks.
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Illustrated by John Lisle.
Photographed by Christine Hahn.
January 20 to February 18
Load up your backpack and dig out your passport. Wanderlust strikes this Thursday as the sun zips into your jet-setting ninth house until October 22. Who cares if it isn’t technically high season for vacationers? Let your nomadic nature take a turn at the wheel — and enjoy those discounted hotel rates or couchsurf with your friends in different area codes. Close to home, multicultural mingling could lead to some inspired collaborations. Expand your social horizons!

Also on Thursday, messenger Mercury snaps out of a rocky retrograde that started on August 30. This one’s been especially challenging for you, since it took place in Virgo and your secretive eighth house. If disturbing information didn’t come to light, you may have had the sense that something was being hidden from you. Were you just being paranoid? After Thursday, your detective work will reveal the truth. P.S.: This will be a relief! If you’ve been developing a project behind the scenes, share it with your inner circle over the weekend. Their feedback — and their glowing praise — will inspire you to keep on going.

On Friday, amorous Venus moves into Scorpio your prestigious 10th house until October 18. Power couple dreams come to life, so mingle with the movers and shakers. Dress-up dates will be super-fun; you might even start a business venture with your S.O. This Venus cycle also brings a career boost. Socialize strategically, because you could meet your future boss, investor, or business partner at a party. Attend networking events, because with Venus here, it's all about who you know.
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Illustrated by John Lisle.
Photographed by Christine Hahn.
February 19 to March 20
Privacy, please! This Thursday, the sun slips into Libra and your intimate eighth house — a.k.a. “the chamber of secrets.” Go easy on the snaps and 'grams. You’ll prefer to fly under the radar between now and October 22. Use this low-key time to deepen your connection to a few important people. Pop by Agent Provocateur when you have a moment. This erotically charged solar spell could bring the perfect playmate to enjoy behind closed doors. Forget the no-strings fling, Pisces. You might just put a ring on it — or some ink, in the case of a business partnership or the lease for a shared apartment.

There’s another call to commitment on Thursday, when Mercury ends a three-week retrograde through Virgo and your partnership zone. Some of your existing relationships have been rocky since August 30 — and an ex may have disrupted your perfectly ordered world. The smoke starts to clear at last. The weekend could bring one of those nakedly honest talks that is excruciating and exhilarating (and utterly essential) to have. The truth shall set you free!

Fortunately, Venus swoops in on Friday helping your quest to be more candid. Until October 18, she’ll twerk through Scorpio and your outspoken ninth house. Cross-cultural and long-distance relationships could heat up, too. If you’re already involved, plan a trip together! This is the perfect time to travel as a pair — the farther from home base, the better.
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Illustrated by John Lisle.
Photographed by Christine Hahn.
March 21 to April 19
Relinquish your Independent Spirit Award, Aries — at least for a month or two. This Thursday, the sun kicks off its monthlong tour of Libra and your partnership sector. While you’ve never been the type to desperately long for a relationship, you certain don't mind joining forces with a great match. Keep your eyes open for an attractive opposite; someone who knows how to pick up where you leave off. Already paired up? Clear space in your calendar for couple activities and your bond will deepen over the coming four weeks. This goes for both the bedroom and the boardroom. An enticing proposal could land in your inbox — or you could pitch a joint venture idea successfully before October 22.

Your sensual fires get stoked on Friday when Venus slinks into Scorpio until October 18. With your erotic eighth house activated, there’s fun to be had in the Aries boudoir. But lust and trust must go hand in hand now, since you’re also playing for keeps. Don’t underestimate the strength of your feelings. What seems like an NBD hookup could turn into a distracting obsession. Watch for jealousy and power struggles in your closest relationships, too, as feelings can definitely get intense now.

Are you feeling disorganized? Since Mercury turned retrograde on August 30, it’s been hard to wrangle all the moving parts into a plan. On Thursday, the retrograde ends, so grab the power drill and label-maker. With Mercury speeding forward through your savvy, systematic sixth house until October 7, you can bring some order to your court. When you’re not building bookshelves (and obsessively arranging the objets tucked between the tomes), start tweaking your résumés. A job opportunity or amazing assignment could come your way in the weeks ahead!
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Illustrated by John Lisle.
Photographed by Christine Hahn.
April 20 to May 20
Look up those life hacks! With the sun heading into Libra and your systematic sixth house for a month this Thursday, you're ready to be more efficient. Routines are a must for your pragmatic sign...but doesn’t “rituals” have a sexier ring to it? Find more joy in your daily activities, from your fitness regimen to the food you pile on your plate. Forget "no pain, no gain" and try a dance class and recipes with fresh ingredients that also taste good, like these. Make your desk a space of beauty that inspires productivity. And while you’ll be busy at the office between now an October 22, don’t forget that all work and no play makes Taurus a dull bull.

With Mercury retrograde since August 30, you may have been a little down on love. Or maybe you’ve made the mistake of compromising your values or trying to turn a toxic Tinder date into The One. Good news: On Thursday, Mercury corrects course and powers ahead through your fifth house of amour. Make the necessary cuts so you can focus on attracting what’s right for you. Drama dies down for coupled Taureans, too, and you can focus on having fun again. You also have the green light for a weekend shopping trip or a salon appointment to revamp your hair situation.

Cupid swoops in with more rescue remedy on Friday, as Venus beams into Scorpio and your relationship house until October 18. A real-deal romance could heat up; one that can stand the test of time. But it takes two to tango, Taurus. Initiate flirtations or set up dates. Already spoken for? This Venus cycle can deepen your bond and could bring a key (or ring!) exchange.
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Illustrated by John Lisle.
Photographed by Christine Hahn.
May 21 to June 20
Twirl! All the world’s your catwalk for the next four weeks. With the sun moving into compatible Libra — and your amorous, glamorous fifth house — you’ll be quite the showstopper. Bring on the Bowie boots, sheer tops, and colorful leather coats...or whatever your most creative expression looks like. A leadership position is calling your name. Be proactive — and even competitive — and go after that brass ring. A romantic renaissance is also in the cards. Open your heart and give Cupid a clear shot.

Are you up for a girls' weekend, Gemini? On Thursday, your ruling planet — social Mercury — ends a three-week retrograde through your feminine fourth house. Things have been kind of tense with your girls since August 30 — or maybe you’ve just been too busy to squeeze in quality time. Rekindle your bond with a fun trip. Or if the retrograde revealed a need for a social-network upgrade, mingle with a new group of ladies. Geminis in search of a happier home base could find THE place to hang your fedora this fall too. Scroll through the real estate listings while sipping your morning espresso.

While you're at it, give your body some love. On Friday, radiant Venus beams through Scorpio and your healthy-living zone until the October 18, sounding the call for self-care. It’s not that you have to pass on every Chile Mocha or dirty martini. But keep things balanced with nourishing meals and regular physical activity. Venus helps you make more practical decisions about love. You could even turn your bedroom buddy into your gym buddy — those sexy endorphins only make the bedroom, uh, Iron Man that much hotter.
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Illustrated by John Lisle.
Photographed by Christine Hahn.
June 21 to July 22
Domestic bliss? Yes, please. This Thursday, the sun nestles into Libra and your cozy fourth house for a month. Home is where your heart is once again, so make sure your space feels like a comfortable oasis. (And have you peeped the latest Ikea collection, Cancer?) Already feathered your nest? Invite your inner circle of close friends and family to hang at Chateau Cancer. Host out-of-town guests (especially members of your gang) or throw a legendary dinner party for your peeps. Family relationships will be in the spotlight, so make time for meaningful — and honest — conversations with your innermost circle.

Also on Thursday, curious Mercury ends a three-week trek through your house of hometown happenings, reviving your interest in the local scene. Sating your wanderlust could be as easy as knocking on your neighbor’s door or talking to a local venue about hosting an open-mic night. Flap those social butterfly wings liberally, because you could spark some lasting new friendships over the coming days. Ready for a new set of wheels? Start the test-driving this weekend.

On Friday, love planet Venus pulses into Scorpio and your passionate fifth house until October 7. Someone could literally sweep you off your statement sneakers or you could take the lead in love. Coupled? Schedule more playtime and nights on the town. The practical stuff can wait a few weeks. Going out together will help cement your bond.
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Illustrated by John Lisle.
Photographed by Christine Hahn.
July 23 to August 22
Who is the Gigi to your Bella, the Kylie to your Kendall? With the sun grooving into Libra and your house of kindred spirits from Thursday until October 22, it's all about super siblings. Finding BFFs will be a snap, too. Surprise: you could even join forces with the so-called competition for a chart-topping success. Action heats up on the local scene, so sniff out the neighborhood goings-on. Nothing attracting you in your zip code? Team up with a local coffeeshop, barre class, or yoga studio to get some buzzy events on the cultural calendar. Your creative ideas could be a wild success.

Your money mojo returns on Thursday, too, when Mercury ends a three-week retrograde through your financial zone. Revamp your budget and devise a more responsible savings plan. If you overindulged on fall fashion fixes, a temporary austerity plan can get you back in the black. Coworker clashes ease up, too. Yes, it was probably all just a big misunderstanding, Leo, but take the initiative to melt the frosty vibes with a genuine apology. Maybe it’s just time to move on to a gig where there’s better energy. Polish up your résumé so you can circulate it next week!

Start taking applications for your gang, too. On Friday, friendly Venus heads into Scorpio and your feminine fourth house until October 18. Some incredible ladies could enter your sphere or you could turn an acquaintance into a bona fide BFF. Already found your squad? Organize more group hangs and fall fun for all. With romantic Venus here, you could even meet your match through the introduction of a female friend!

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