10 Unexpected Places Fashion Editors Still Shop

Photo: Courtesy of Brandy Mellville.
We all have a back-up answer for when someone asks what we're wearing, and it's from a brand or store we're less than proud of. "It's vintage," we'll say, even though it's definitely not. But the thing is, even fashion editors have those shopping haunts they'd never admit to browsing, for whatever reason, be it ethics or aesthetics. Yet we stand by them because they're our best-kept, dirty little secret to scoring pieces no one else will have, or saving us when we're in a serious outfit bind.

From secondhand haunts to pharmacies, we pride ourselves on the ability to dig for little fashion treasures anywhere. Whatever the reason, there's something about the 10 places ahead we just can't quit. Read on and let us know: What are the stores you always seem to go back to, even when you swear you'd never give into the temptation again? Remember: #NoJudgmentHere.
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Photo: Courtesy of Necessary Clothing.
Necessary Clothing
"I go to Necessary Clothing if I'm in a bind for some 'going-out clothing' I think I'll only wear once. Its clothing is essentially flammable, but I take my chances because usually, if I'm in one of their outfits, it's only briefly and for one very specific occasion (hello, my recent jaunt to an Atlantic City nightclub!)."
- Annie Georgia Greenberg, Video Producer and Fashion Editor-At-Large
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Photo: Courtesy of Forever21.
"Even though I don't want to be a part of the questionable ways of this fast-fashion company, and I try to opt for more sustainable brands, sometimes I crack under pressure and buy that super-cheap piece I really don't need. Also, being a recently graduated student on a tight budget doesn't help my mindless F21 consumerist ways. It's definitely a 'hate to love' relationship."
- Bianca Butler, Fashion Intern
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Photo: Courtesy of Aerie.
"Aerie 4eva. It's definitely not the worst offense, seeing as I wholly support their no-Photoshop pledge. But I still feel weird about buying seven panties for $27.50 (because when the offer is in front of me, I can't resist buying in bulk), each in a different cutesy animal print and with some sort of cheeky saying across the bum. Then again, I still feel that way about American Eagle: I've been shopping there since I was 14, and I still can't resist the denim-clad models whenever I walk past the storefront at a mall — no matter where in the world I may be — and suddenly I have all these boho summer dresses purchased on sale that I will never wear."
- Ana Colon, Fashion News Writer
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Photo: Courtesy of Walgreens.
"I can't believe I'm saying this, but I secretly shop at Walgreens, especially when I'm in a new city. I always find some fire duds (no, really, peep this hat I got in Vegas) that are beautiful in their horrible cheesiness."
- Rachel Besser, Fashion Market Editor
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Photo: Courtesy of Goodwill.
"I shop at the Goodwill uptown near my mom's apartment at least twice a month. I typically spend three or more hours in there when I go, and have never left without at least one or two big bags of clothes. I find a lot of Prada and have found Altuzarra with tags and a Jil Sander leather trench coat...I'm really addicted. I also have to go alone, because I can't handle people telling me they need to leave."
- Jenny Hartman, Styling Assistant
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Photo: Courtesy of The RealReal.
The RealReal
"Yes, I know I'm a total asshole, but I literally can spend hours, and I seriously mean HOURS, scouring through pages and pages on The RealReal. Now, before you get all 'Okay, you're a spoiled brat' on me, hear me out: There is no greater pleasure than scoring a designer piece in good (if not impeccable, tags-still-on) condition for less than $100. The only thing you need is patience to nab Lanvin shorts for $50, never-worn Trademark shoes for $70, and a whole lot more that I'm honestly too ashamed to admit I've bought, just because I've bought so much."
- Erin Cunningham, Senior Fashion Editor
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Photo: Courtesy of Abercrombie & Fitch.
Abercrombie & Fitch
"I just can't quit A&F. Regardless of its questionable business tactics of the past, I keep coming back for more. Once you sift past the awful logo rugby shirts and ruffled skirts, there are a ton of gems. I've found everything from culottes to '60s-inspired flares to my favorite pinstripe cotton overalls/jumpsuit. Their pants always run true to size and fit my long-legged/short-torso frame like a dream. Plus, it's always having sales on sales on sales, which, for my sad life budget, is the number one reason it's my go-to."
- Ray Lowe, Fashion Market Writer
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Photo: Courtesy of T.J. Maxx.
T.J. Maxx
"I feel the need to provide a caveat: I don't actually feel guilty at all for shopping at T.J. Maxx. I love it unabashedly. I will let everyone know when something I'm wearing comes from T.J. Maxx (but I won't go so far as to say that I'm a Maxxinista — because that word sucks). But digging around for treasure among the racks of women's, junior's, and boys' clothes is my idea of a good time. The prices are really good. I've actually found some really amazing pieces there from brands I would never have looked at otherwise, and actual treasures from 'designer' labels that I missed my chance on three seasons ago. Also, and this is maybe where the guilt part comes in, I like to celebrate my fashion wins with bags of discount gummy snacks from the food section."
- Connie Wang, Fashion Features Director
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Photo: Courtesy of Brandy Melville.
Brandy Melville
"I can't stop shopping at Brandy Melville. I know it's kind of the worst on SO many levels (it's gotten a lot of flack for its one-size-fits-'all' model), but I can't find any tees that are softer than Brandy's, and its much-debated one size actually fits me really, really well. For a cheap thrill or some weekend-hangout clothes, you can't beat it."
- Alyssa Coscarelli, Fashion Market Writer
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Photo: Courtesy of De Janeiro.
De Janeiro
"This small, NYC-based chain with locations in Midtown and the Financial District sells ultra-discounted clothing, and the stuff is so cheap, it's sort of 'this seriously must have fallen off the back of a truck' status. We're talking $1.99 tank tops, $4.99 leggings, and $14.99 shoes at this liquidator. It (mysteriously...) carries stuff from big mass mall staples plus the occasional contemporary-ish designer cameo. It used to go by Rio De Janeiro, but I guess they made like YSL and dropped the 'Rio' at some point since the height of my addiction circa high school, when I'd pop in every week or two. It's got all the charm of very sad, very picked-over Strawberry or Rainbow. And you might have to step over half-unpacked boxes of merch and try to decipher the name of a label that's been cut out while perusing. But it's all about the thrill of the hunt, right?"
- Alexandra Ilyashov, Senior Fashion News Editor

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