Martha Stewart Has No Idea Who This "Well-Known" Guy Is — Do You?

Martha Stewart may be known for excellent skills in the kitchen, but she also knows a thing or two about shading people on the internet.

It all started with a tweet, alerting us (and the Daily Mail) that Stewart needs our help.

She met a man in Cannes who is claiming to be "well-known" but she's not so sure. She doesn't recognize him. He doesn't really have any skills. And he seems to be staring right into her soul in the picture.

Does anyone know who this man is?
That man is Jonathan Cheban, more commonly known as "Kim Kardashian's best friend." He has regularly appeared on Keeping Up With The Kardashians and is in the process of trying to become a recognizable public figure by opening up a school for rich kids and pretending to be a food blogger, a.k.a. The Food God.

About 40 minutes later, Cheban (desperate to not let her tarnish his very well-known reputation as being sort-of recognizable) tweeted a picture of himself with Stewart, just to make sure we all knew that she was joking. They're really good pals — see?

But then Stewart tweeted again, calling Cheban "very famous" (he's not) but still making it crystal-clear that she had no idea who he was.
This interaction is a great reminder of two important life lessons:

First: Always remain humble, as you might one day find yourself as a Cheban-like character.

Second: Never, ever, ever, forget that Stewart is damn funny.

Game, set, match goes to Martha.

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