Bird Wins The Internet's Love After Falling Into A Vat Of Tikka Masala

A bird that turned bright orange after falling into a vat of chicken tikka masala has taken the internet by storm. The seagull, nicknamed "Spice Gull" by The Guardian, was apparently looking for some food at a factory in Wales when he fell in a tank of food waste filled with the tomato-based dish.

Don't worry, though, it's okay to giggle at the strange situation. The bird, which the internet has also dubbed "Gullfrazie (a nod to the Indian dish jalfrezi) is doing just fine. He was rescued by workers and taken to a wildlife hospital nearby.
Using liquid soap, they were able to clean him up, returning him to his normal color — though the flavorful scent hasn't quite worn off yet. Staff at the hospital told The Guardian that, "He smelled amazing, he really smelled good."

The staff found him to otherwise be in good health, despite being "a bit skinny," which is probably why he was trying to get food from the factory in the first place. He's being fed meat as well as dog and cat food to gain weight, which we'd bet he prefers to the spicy fare he found himself swimming in. Spice Gull is probably all curried out at this point, anyway.

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