This New Japanese Meme Featuring Babies & Bread Is The CUTEST

There are a lot of cute things in this world. But in my humble opinion, babies take the cuteness cake every. single. time. Lucky for us, parents in Japan have been showing off their kids thanks to a new viral hashtag.

The images feature baby arms and a specific type of bread that's available at 7-Eleven locations in Japan. We know it sounds strange, but the bread and babies bear an uncannily adorable resemblance.

While the hashtag is written in Japanese, BuzzFeed reports that it reads, "#MyBaby'sGotTheBestBreadPhoto." Apparently, a mom created the hashtag after randomly seeing the resemblance. “I created a tag, hope everyone else will take a look at it. Am I the only one who feel that this will become the greatest tag?” she explained on Twitter.

We don't know about you, but we're in total agreement — this is definitely the greatest tag. Check out the sweet #MyBaby'sGotTheBestBreadPhoto images, below.

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