Can You Find The Egg In This Easter Brainteaser?

Prepare for your brain to hurt this Easter, thanks to a new holiday-themed brainteaser.

This one may look familiar to those who have been following Dudolf, a Hungarian illustrator known for mind-numbing puzzle work.

Previously, he asked you to find the cat hiding amongst the owls and the panda bear amongst the snowmen. Now, he's asking you to find the egg hiding amongst the bunnies in the ultimate Easter egg hunt.

Seriously, can you find it? This one is a doozy that may leave you feeling a bit cross-eyed when it's all said and done. But we swear, that egg is there. It's just hiding really, really well.

Treat yourself to something sweet, preferably chocolatey, after solving this one. You definitely deserve it.

Check out the solution for this teaser, here.

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