This New Oreo Flavor Looks Amazing

There’s a new cookie sheriff in town, and that sheriff is strawberry shortcake-flavored.

Instagram user @jaimesberg, who seems to have a job that entails that seeing a lot of Oreo flavors before they come out, posted an image of the new Oreos packaging. The Oreos, according to Foodbeast, will be a limited edition, probably available at Target or Walmart.

We have to say, of all potential Oreos flavors that this is a super exciting one. Strawberries are an underrated fruit, and their pairing with chocolate is well-known as a winner. Using a vanilla cookie is an exciting innovation and twist — much like the twist one does to separate the Oreo and its filling. While there’s no doubt that the correct way to eat a classic Oreo is to twist, eat the frosting-less half, and then eat the half with frosting, these might be best consumed as a package. A radical move from Oreo, but one worth applauding.

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