Have The Best Lazy Day Ever With The Free Hug Couch

The weekend is almost here. While that means the chance to dance ‘till dawn, it also means the chance to catch up on ZZZs and do some major loafing. If we could have our wish, that loafing would be done on the Free Hug Sofa.
Photo: Courtesy of Eun Kyoung Lee.
Designed by Eun Kyoung Lee, the sofa has with arms that you can cuddle with in any number of ways. Lee created it for the A’Design Awards. In an interview with A’Design, she explains that she designed the chair to bring “[h]appiness and comfort to the lonely, lonely people.”
Photo: Courtesy of Eun Kyoung Lee.
Lee also made a footstool version of the seat, which provides a more compact snuggling experience (and can convert to a pretty good lounge chair for watching TV).

No offense to the taco chair, but we think the Free Hug Sofa might be our new #snuglife goals. Because as anyone who has ever lounged in a beanbag chair knows, once you’re that low to the ground, it can be a major pain to get up. With the Free Hug Sofa, when nature calls (or the buzzer goes off and your Seamless has arrived), you can actually disentangle yourself and be a standing, functioning person again.

For a little while, at least. Then, we imagine it’s back to the chair!

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