This Disney Fan Theory Challenges The Beauty & The Beast/Aladdin Connection

Photo: SNAP/REX Shutterstock.
The only thing superfans love more than fan theories? Fan theory wars. Now, Disney buffs have to wonder — in Beauty in the Beast, does Belle love to read the story of Aladdin or another classic Disney tale?
Tumblr user PetiteTiaras was one of the first to suggest that when Belle describes her favorite read in the bookstore, saying it has, "Far-off places, daring sword fights, magic spells...a prince in disguise!," she was taking about Prince Ali and company. But another fan theory has emerged, suggesting Sleeping Beauty also checks off all the boxes.
MTV News reports Reddit user comatoseduck explained in a February 10 post that Sleeping Beauty features the all the aspects Belle mentioned. But perhaps most interestingly, the post explains that people who believe Belle is talking about Aladdin misunderstood one of Belle's descriptors.
"Aladdin was not a prince in disguise, he was disguised as a prince," the post reads.

Comatoseduck points out another detail that supports the Sleeping Beauty connection: "Also, in Disney World, you can go into Belle's cottage for the attraction 'Enchanted Tales with Belle.' In [the] cottage, there is a book open on a table. That book is not Aladdin. It is a well-worn copy of Sleeping Beauty."
Now, fans have to decide: Does that settle it once and for all or are there even more magical stories that can all be connected back to the Belle's little town?

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