Anna Kendrick & Aubrey Plaza Completely Out-Bro Zac Efron & Adam DeVine

Aubrey Plaza and Zac Efron are back for another on-screen escapade. But this time with less grandpas and even more inappropriate situations.

Efron and Plaza are joined by Pitch Perfect alums Adam DeVine and Anna Kendrick to complete the lineup of their new comedy, Mike and Dave Need Wedding Dates.

BOOM SHAKALAKA #mikeanddave

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In the trailer, Efron and DeVine are bros — literally, they play brothers — and neither seem to have outgrown their boyish antics, including but not limited to: setting off fireworks, jumping on trampolines, and drinking — a lot. After a string of reckless mishaps, their parents tell them they are required to bring dates to their sister's wedding in Hawaii.

The two guys are desperate for plus-ones, and to prove to their family that they can act like the grown-up men they are (ha!). Kendrick and Plaza pretend to be the type of girls the guys would want on their arms in order to mooch off the free trip to Hawaii.

When they all arrive, the guys quickly learn that these girls are here to out-drink, out-bro, and out-play them. The ladies are better at bocce ball, four-wheel driving, and, most of all, partying. As the movie poster says, "They needed hot dates. They got hot messes."

The bad girls are also longtime best friends IRL, which could potentially make this movie even more believable and hilarious. Girl power?

Photo via Twitter.
Photo via Twitter.

Watch the fuller trailer below.

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