Ginnifer Goodwin & Josh Dallas Are Expecting Baby No. 2

Photo: Matt Baron/BEI/Rex Shutterstock.
The Dallas-Goodwin kingdom is expanding! Actors Josh Dallas and Ginnifer Goodwin, whose roles as Prince Charming/David and Snow White/Mary Margaret on Once Upon a Time evolved into a real-life fairy tale, are expecting their second child together.

The couple, who wed in April 2014, confirmed the news of baby No. 2 to People. Dallas and Goodwin are already parenting pros after welcoming their son, Oliver Finlay, in May 2014. Both actors often gush over their son and their parenting abilities.
Dallas has even joked over their sudden loss of sleep.

“Sleep is elusive — a slippery devil. I can't seem to ever catch it,” he told Us Weekly in 2014. “There's somebody else that you have to take care don't think about yourself anymore. But it's a pleasure to do that — he's my little dude!”

Goodwin has called Dallas her “knight in shining armor” because of his commitment to fatherhood. The admiration is mutual.

“It’s extraordinary because she is, literally, the greatest mother that I know,” Dallas told the magazine about his wife in 2014. “It’s extraordinary to have your partner, who you’ve known all this time, blossom into this woman…who is so nurturing, so caring and just so cool. She’s so cool and she’s a cool mom. It’s great.”
Season 5 of Once Upon a Time is currently airing, but Dallas and Goodwin aren’t worried about the show interfering with their growing family. Both of their mothers help them with Oliver and will undoubtedly assist with the new bundle of joy as well.

Having children is a win-win for Goodwin. She’s said that mothering Oliver has strengthened her acting chops, especially since she’s mom to Neal and Emma on Once Upon a Time. It’s also helped Goodwin realize that she and Snow White have different parenting styles.

“She believes that she needs to be like this ridiculously, unrealistically perfect, multi-tasking mayor mother... she's also scared to ask for help,” Goodwin told reporters on a set visit, according to Extra.

The sex of the baby and Goodwin's due date have not yet been revealed.


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