Your Horoscope For This Week — Nov 15 2015

Illustrated by Lynnie Zulu.
Can you feel the intensity? The sun winds through its final week of Scorpio, filling the air with passion, mystery, and longing. But our hearts do not belong to the hot-and-hasty hookups. Scorpio season brings a sense of weightiness to every relationship. A kiss ain’t just a kiss, and a “call me, maybe” will not do. It’s all or nothing now! If your heart isn’t into a particular partnership, plot your exit strategy. Bad blood boiling? Scorpio takes no prisoners, but keep the revenge fantasies in check. Our words and actions can pack an extra sting this week. Instead of plotting takedowns, focus on transforming an area of your life that’s in need of an extreme makeover.

The vibes lighten big-time on Saturday, when the sun moves into upbeat, adventurous Sagittarius for a month. This solar-powered phase liberates us from complex situations and restores our optimistic outlooks. No more secrets! The truth serum may flow, but we’d be wise to use some tact. How about some time away to chase away the winter doldrums? With this jet-setting sign ruling the skies until December 21, we could be “wintering” in a new corner of the world.

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