Your Horoscope For This Week — Nov 15 2015

Illustrated by Lynnie Zulu.
Can you feel the intensity? The sun winds through its final week of Scorpio, filling the air with passion, mystery, and longing. But our hearts do not belong to the hot-and-hasty hookups. Scorpio season brings a sense of weightiness to every relationship. A kiss ain’t just a kiss, and a “call me, maybe” will not do. It’s all or nothing now! If your heart isn’t into a particular partnership, plot your exit strategy. Bad blood boiling? Scorpio takes no prisoners, but keep the revenge fantasies in check. Our words and actions can pack an extra sting this week. Instead of plotting takedowns, focus on transforming an area of your life that’s in need of an extreme makeover.

The vibes lighten big-time on Saturday, when the sun moves into upbeat, adventurous Sagittarius for a month. This solar-powered phase liberates us from complex situations and restores our optimistic outlooks. No more secrets! The truth serum may flow, but we’d be wise to use some tact. How about some time away to chase away the winter doldrums? With this jet-setting sign ruling the skies until December 21, we could be “wintering” in a new corner of the world.
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Illustrated by Lynnie Zulu.
There’s nothing basic about you this week, Scorpio — and that’s exactly how you like it. Keep your game face on, because the sun is still blazing through your sign until Saturday. Don’t quit five minutes before the miracle! One more push may be all you need to score a major victory. A leadership position may have “Scorpio” written all over it. Put your name in the hat — or on the ballot. If you’re not ready to announce to the world, “I’ve arrived!” then stay alert. An opportunity to get a toe in the door (if not the whole sneaker-clad foot) could be presented. Move swiftly and stealthily, and don’t be afraid of a little competition.

On Saturday, sweep up the cake crumbs and confetti. Your birthday month draws to an official close as the sun heads into Sagittarius until December 21. While this phase won’t be as full of fireworks, it doesn’t have to be a downer. Pop on the project manager’s fedora and figure out exactly HOW you’re going to pull off all the grand schemes you've drummed up over the past month. Crunch the numbers, lay out timelines, and drill down to the details your sign loves. This is a money-earning month for you, so stay on your game at work to finish Q4 with a grand flourish. But it does little good if you burn it faster than you earn it. Retool your budget so you’re saving some dough, too.
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Illustrated by Lynnie Zulu.
Don ye now your gay apparel rubber gloves. The sun is slogging through its final five days in Scorpio and your 12th house of endings. This might just make you crazy at the sight of clutter. You’re SO ready to release all the excess from your life, and maybe even become a living, breathing minimalist. Haven’t worn it or used it for over a year? Haul it off to the Goodwill or donate to friends in need. A toxic friendship or relationship could come to a crashing finale. Be strong. Draw a firm boundary with this crazy-maker before your health is affected. How many times do you need to relearn the same lesson with this one? Let it be done — then stick a fork in it.

Everything changes for the better this weekend, when the sun blazes into Sagittarius for a month, effectively launching your birthday season. Hit the refresh button on all that angst. It’s time to turn your focus to new accomplishments and adventures. Your indie spirit takes the wheel. Break free from confining situations in which you feel more like a martyr than a minx. Birthday time is always the best for investing in your own growth and development. Register for a class, book that retreat — as the zodiac’s eternal student, growing and learning is a lifelong quest for you.
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Illustrated by Lynnie Zulu.
There is no “I” in team, Capricorn. So why are you still carrying the weight of the world on your sturdy shoulders? Drop that load, and do another round of recruiting for capable collaborators. While it’s true that few people share your unstoppable work ethic, your inner control freak may also be preventing people from stepping forward to contribute. No, the end result might not be EXACTLY what you envisioned when you let others help. But, hey, it might be even better. And don’t forget: You can always train them on how you like it done. If you’ve been hovering on the outskirts of a great group, this week may see you filling out the membership papers at long last.

On Saturday, settle down for that long winter’s nap — perhaps under a thatched beach umbrella in the Caribbean or beside the roaring fireplace at an Alpine ski lodge. The sun heads into Sagittarius and your 12th house of rejuvenation for a month, sanctioning a sweet escape from the stresses of life. If you can’t skip town, find ways to pamper yourself close to home. You could come across an amazing new healer or spa in your area. Keep healthy boundaries in place with loved ones. Rushing to their rescue could zap the little energy you have during this sleepy phase. DO schedule some time before December 21 for a de-cluttering mission. You want to let go of those weighty, unused goods so you can kick off your birthday season feeling light and free.
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Illustrated by Lynnie Zulu.
Who you, a sparkle pony? Perish the thought! You may have a love of all things “woo,” but you’re no flake! Certainly not this week, as the sun winds through its final five days in Scorpio and your career zone. Leading with your responsible foot will pay off big-time now, so go the extra mile to show your dedication. Important and influential people have their eyes on you — make sure they see your swagger and skills. Polish up your social media profiles and any presentation materials that you use to a high-pro glow.

On Saturday, the sun heads into Sagittarius and your 11th house of teamwork for a month, putting you back in your community-loving element. After a month of hard work, you’re so ready to have fun for fun’s sake again. In-between soirees, take time to learn a new piece of software or upgrade your devices and apps. Geek is chic! Expand your horizons by sampling a few new scenes. Yes, we know you’re a true original, Aquarius, but that doesn’t mean you can’t find your true tribe.
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Illustrated by Lynnie Zulu.
Keep on casting that wide net, Pisces. The sun lingers in Scorpio and your globetrotting ninth house until Saturday, making the world your pearl-bearing oyster. A long-distance connection could deliver on its promise — for business, pleasure, or pure adventure. Just don’t swim so far out to sea that you lose sight of safe harbors. Calculated risks are the name of the game now, not careless whims. The truth serum continues to flow like hoppy IPAs at a Williamsburg brewpub. Before the weekend, you could blurt out a statement so true that it stuns everyone into silence. While it’s liberating to FINALLY get it out of your system, don’t throw anyone under the bus in the process. Remember that timing is everything. What would be well-received in a private setting could create a massive blowup if blurted out in public.

On Saturday, pull those power suits (YOUR version, that is) to the front of the closet and get ready to play ball. The sun zips into Sagittarius for a month, galvanizing your 10th house of career. There’s an epic goal to tick off the list before 2015 is through. Schedule the conference calls, set up the pitch meetings — do whatever it takes to nail down success. The holiday-party circuit is ripe for networking. Get your name on the list for those insider events. Go without a distracting plus-one: You’ll be more likely to chat up strangers that way.
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Illustrated by Lynnie Zulu.
It’s never really “just sex,” is it, Aries? The sun spends its final week of 2015 in scintillating Scorpio and your erotic eighth house. As hot and bothered as Scorpio season makes you, it can also feel like a cold shower from the cosmos. Since October 23, it’s been hard to hook up without getting entangled in emotional strings. If you’re the free-bird Aries, be more considerate of other people’s need for security before going in for the kill. The last thing you need is the heartbreaker label. On the other hand, if you’ve been trying to tamp down your feelings for someone who will probably never return them, you’ll hit your breaking point this week. Free yourself from an unfulfilling union before it turns into an obsession spiral that interferes with holiday fun. Happily coupled Rams could hit a milestone moment this week — one that involves planning a more permanent, put-a-ring-on-it kind of merger.

On Saturday, the sun heads into upbeat, adventurous Sagittarius for a month, reviving your positive outlook on life. It’s a “say anything” phase, and your candid side will not be censored. Just try to spare a few feelings when you’re calling it like you see it. Delivery and timing are everything. Wanderlust strikes, so be spontaneous and book tickets for the epic holiday getaway. You might travel to rekindle sparks with an old flame or enjoy a getaway à deux with your bae. Cross-cultural connections sizzle with promise. Keep your ears perked for accents — or better yet, travel to a non-English-speaking location.
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Illustrated by Lynnie Zulu.
Alright already, Taurus: It’s time to be a grown-up about the whole love and dating thing. The sun blazes a trail through your relationship zones all week, insisting that you honor the connections you create with people. If you’re just not that into someone, stop stringing 'em along. Trying to get blood from a stone? Hit the exit instead of wasting another precious minute. If you’ve got a good one on the line, this week could bring some major talks about your shared future. Partnerships of all manners get more serious. Put a ring on it — or some ink on it, in the case of a stellar contract. You could find your missing puzzle piece for a business project, band, or another endeavor you have cooking.

On Saturday, the sun moves into Sagittarius and your sultry, playing-for-keeps eighth house until December 21. There’s no room for gray in relationships during this four-week phase — except, of course, the Fifty Shades variety. The eighth house is your erotic zone, so it’s time to get back in touch with your passions and desires. Lust and trust must go hand-in-hand now. That might even mean tapping the brakes on a connection that’s careening out of control, so that you can take the time to get to know each other better in every way. This phase highlights shared income, too. An investor may want to back your dreams, or you could crush it at work and end 2015 with a bigger bonus than you previously planned for. Stay focused!
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Illustrated by Lynnie Zulu.
Remember that old saying about curiosity killing the cat, Gemini. This week, pleading innocent (and meaning it) could be your best defense should someone come at you with the crazytown vibes. You know there’s an issue brewing — and with the sun winding down its tour of Scorpio, you may feel compelled to do some “light detective work.” But your search could lead you down a disturbing rabbit hole, and you could find yourself tangled up in other people’s dirty laundry. Disengage. You can’t solve people’s problems for them. P.S.: Listening to them drone on for hours will only fill your head with images you’d rather burn. You might have to serve a dose of tough love to someone you adore — someone who has recently mistaken you for a personal therapist and on-call crisis hotline.

Cupid comes a-calling this Saturday, so give the guy a clear shot! The sun heads into Sagittarius and your seventh house of partnerships for a month, opening your heart wider to love. Finding intriguing prospects for the role of your other half won’t be hard between now and November 21. Be proactive, and keep your standards high. Already taken? Give your relationship some juice, and team up on a project or a party. Talks could turn to cohabitation over the coming month.
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Illustrated by Lynnie Zulu.
Rainbows and unicorns? Not this week, Cancer. But that doesn’t mean you have to give up the fantasy altogether. The sun winds down its monthlong tour through shadowy Scorpio, drawing you to people with depth and intriguing pasts. Just make sure you aren’t falling into a rescue mission. You can’t save people from their demons. They have to do that work themselves. An important reality check could come: No, you’re not going to find love lying on the couch binge-watching American Horror Story. Push yourself to dress up and join friends for after-work drinks. Step away from the pack while you’re out and about — you’ll be more approachable that way. You’ll feel emboldened, too, so if someone catches your eye, look back and smile…even (gasp) say hello!

On Saturday, the sun heads into Sagittarius and your health-conscious sixth house until December 21. Bad timing aside, keep yourself hovercrafting on the wellness wagon. There’s no reason you can’t enjoy seasonal indulgences AND get your Fitbit-approved 10,000 steps a day by walking home from an indulgent meal or hitting the gym before happy hour. A great assignment, even a new job, could come by December 21. Circulate your résumé, or pitch projects internally. You’ll wrap the year with a feather in your cap and more money in the bank.
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Illustrated by Lynnie Zulu.
While you cherish your inner circle, "family" could feel like the f-word of the week if you aren’t careful. With the sun winding down its monthlong tour through Scorpio and your caretaking fourth house, you could go a little too far with the giving spirit. Sure, you’d do anything for the ones you love. But maybe, you shouldn’t. Being generous doesn’t mean draining your own reserves to help others. Steel your resolve through the workweek. The family member or close friend you’ve been spoiling could throw a fit when you utter your first “no.” But consider it step one of an important re-training process, and stand your ground. If they're really on Team Leo, they’ll get over it and find another solution.

On Saturday, your regal spirit returns with a Windsor Castle-sized "pow"! Are you down to wear the crown? Let’s go with "yes." The sun heads into Sagittarius and your glamorous, amorous fifth house until December 21, putting you back in your element. Reach for the red lipstick and colorful statement pieces. You want to be noticed! With Cupid squarely in your corner now, strategically plant yourself under the mistletoe. New love, or a renewed fervor for the one you’re with, is on the celestial menu.
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Illustrated by Lynnie Zulu.
Looking for a turn-on? Let us direct you to the space between the ears, Virgo. The brain is the most powerful sex organ, after all — something your astute sign will be happy to hear. This week, someone with a beautiful mind could truly turn you on. Don’t pull away from engaging banter, even if you’re not quite foaming at the mouth at first glance. With the sun winding down its tour of Scorpio and your communication sector, private conversations could be eye-opening this week — not to mention long overdue. Are you and your BFF, business partner, or another collaborator on the same page? Discussions could reveal the need for better cooperation. If you aren’t able to find a middle ground, you may need to call an extended time-out.

On Saturday, the sun heads into Sagittarius for a month, putting you on the friends-and-family plan. Pause from air-kissing your 1,001 acquaintances and focus on your inner circle once again. Jump into planning holiday celebrations, whether you’re donning the chef’s apron or playing cruise director for out-of-town relatives. The fourth house rules the feminine, and you could add some new faces to your girl gang. The home-decor bug could also bite, or you could relocate before 2015 is through.
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Illustrated by Lynnie Zulu.
Since you're the zodiac’s resident Rich Girl (hello, Libra Gwen Stefani), your lust for the luxe can be pretty insatiable. But before you max out your cards on those Givenchy boots or the Design Within Reach end table, give your budget a sound review. While the line may be blurry for you, there IS a difference between "need" and "want" (sigh). The sun is wrapping up its tour of Scorpio and your pragmatic second house, bringing some important lessons about managing your cash. Hey — living beyond your means is stressful, but then again, maybe you just need to make more means. Ask for a performance review, sign up for a specialized training, or teach yourself a new piece of software that will bump you into a higher pay grade.

On Saturday, the sun swings into Sagittarius and your super-social third house for a month. People are your passion — and your passport to opportunity. Hit the holiday-party circuit (and get there early enough for a cash-saving trip to the open bar), so you can mingle and network. Your success rate grows in proportion to the number of powerful people you know. If you need to upgrade your transportation plan, now’s the time to test-drive those 2016 models — and maybe switch from a gas-guzzler to a savvy hybrid.

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