New Snickers Packaging Is The Best Idea Ever

I LOVE to laugh and I’d say I have a pretty good sense of humor. However, you know when I just can’t find it in me to laugh at ANYTHING? When I am hungry. But now, thanks to the new Snickers "honest packaging", I’ll be able to get a chuckle and quench my hunger/sugar crash in one bite. The new Snickers packages will have 21 hunger symptoms instead of their iconic logo.

So, is your colleague being difficult today? Go and grab him or her a “Grouchy” Snickers bar. Is your friend acting totally out of it? Offer them a "Spacey." Is your significant other being a pain in the ass? How about "Curmudgeon?" Today, I think I deserve three Snickers: Complainer, Feisty, and Impatient.

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