Your Horoscope For This Week — Sep 20 2015

Illustrated by Lynnie Zulu.
It takes two to make a thing go right — and the planets are here to prove it for the next four weeks. This Wednesday, the sun blazes into Libra, the sign of partnership, peace, love and harmony, until October 23. Opposites attract during this solar-powered month. When casting for the role of your “other half,” look beyond the easy fits. Twosomes of all varieties will thrive: business, pleasure, and creative collaborations. Did you miss Fashion Week? No worries. Stylish Libra brings megadoses of inspiration to curate a signature wardrobe for the cooling temps. One caveat: Mercury is still retrograde until October 9, so don’t make any drastic changes until then.

On Thursday, motivator Mars moves into Virgo until November 12, the sign of community service and healthy, orderly living. We’ll all be inspired to make the world a better place — and we can start by cleaning up our own corners. Lead by example: Swear off gossiping, stop leaving stacks of dishes in the sink (#RoommateRage), and find a fall volunteer post.

On Sunday, a lunar (full moon) eclipse in Aries — the third and final in a trio that began on October 18, 2013 — could bring some major bragging rights. Modesty, schmodesty — all the world is a talent show as the weekend wraps. Let your superpowers be seen! Independence and originality will be rewarded, so don’t wait for others to sign a permission slip. Do you!
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Illustrated by Lynnie Zulu.
Raise a glass for one last Champagne toast, Virgo. This Wednesday, the sun leaves your sign, signaling the end of your birthday celebration. Until October 23, el sol will blaze through Libra and your productive, pragmatic second house. Truth be told, you’re ready to get back down to business again. With a spate of planets (including lucky, enterprising Jupiter) cruising through your sign this fall, you’ve got some big ideas brewing. Now’s the time to run them through the reality filter: What time, money, and people-power will be needed to pull them off? Whip on the project manager’s fedora and get that plan in place. While you’ll need to tighten your belt and (gulp) budget for a bit, you’ll embrace the challenge. And don’t worry: There’s still fun to be had! On Thursday, motivator Mars makes its biennial stopover to Virgo until November 12. Wherever you put some effort, you’ll make quite the impact. This Mars phase could even bring a dose of fame. Stay indie! Though people will want to hop on your bandwagon, it’s better to develop your grand schemes without anyone else’s influence — or interference — for now.

Circle Sunday as one of the sexiest days of 2015! A lunar eclipse in Aries — the third in a trio that began in October 2013 — lights up your erotic eighth house. An undeniable attraction will be too hot to resist. Coupled? Steer clear of a tempting outsider if you want to stay true to your boo. For some Virgos, this eclipse may bring relationships to a make-it-or-break-it point. Don’t be afraid to lay down an ultimatum if you’re not getting your needs met. Better to be with no one than the wrong one.
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Illustrated by Lynnie Zulu.
Light the candles, pour the bubbly. The Festival of Libra begins this Wednesday as the sun makes its annual stopover to your sign until October 23. "Out with the old, in with the new" could be your mantra now. On Thursday, motivator Mars moves into your 12th house of completions prompting a massive cleanup mission. Living with less suddenly seems like a fine idea. Curate your possessions, keeping only the things that bring you joy. Then, give your schedule the same scathing review. While Mars can make you a tad melancholy, don’t waste time stewing in your blues. With the sun in your sign, cultivating personal interests and exploring new social outlets will cheer you up quickly. You could gain some serious respect for one of your creative skills. Make time to develop one of those slumbering passion projects.

On Sunday, it’s time to double down! The third of three annual lunar eclipses in Aries rockets you into the relationship zone. Since 2013, you’ve been growing steadily in the partnership department, taking on new challenges and opening your heart. A commitment could get real in the month that follows the eclipse — or you could realize that you’re ready to move on from someone who isn’t your ultimate match. This eclipse could also bring a promising business offer or a contract that changes your life for the better. Have a lawyer look it over and try to stall on signing until Mercury ends its retrograde on October 9.
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Illustrated by Lynnie Zulu.
This week’s essential accessories: a cross necklace and garlic wreath. Energy vampires could slink out of the woodwork as the sun heads into Libra and your 12th house of healing, boundaries, and transitions for a month. While you won’t welcome them with open arms, be grateful: Seeing people’s true colors helps you categorize them properly. This monthlong solar cycle is all about clearing the decks so you can make a fresh start on October 23, when your birthday time begins.

But don’t worry: it won’t be all frenemies, all the time. From Thursday until November 12, your co-ruler Mars lights a fire in your 11th house of social networking. You’ll be ushered into a lively entourage of thought leaders and freethinkers. You could make a serious splash in an online community during this Mars cycle. Got plans in the works for an e-venture, blog, or YouTube channel? Start developing, but wait until Mercury turns direct on October 9 to hit the launch button. You’ll need more sleep than usual now, too — or some serious disco naps. Some epic nights of dancing are ahead and you could stay up till the wee hours writing songs, journaling, or working on your art.

Sunday’s lunar eclipse in Aries activates your sixth house of work and healthy living. Stamp your trademark on all that you do and make sure the powers-that-be are aware of your gifts and contributions. News of a job opportunity or dream client could arrive within a month of the eclipse. Be proactive and strike while the iron is hot! Have you been judging yourself by the size of your thighs instead of the content of your character? This body-loving eclipse reminds you that there are wide categories for beauty, so embrace the skin that you’re in.
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Illustrated by Lynnie Zulu.
Flutter, flutter. The Sagittarius social butterfly is busting out of the cocoon this Wednesday as the sun kicks off a monthlong tour through Libra and your 11th house of teamwork and technology. You’ll be quite the popular one, both online and in real time — and with Mercury in retrograde, you can expect texts and sudden Snapchats from old friends. Tired of struggling? Teamwork makes the dream work now, so join forces with fellow go-getters. Just vet them carefully and run the background checks, because with Mercury in reverse, you’ll need to make sure they can walk their talk. Motivator Mars lends an assist for your ambitions, too, powering into Virgo and your 10th house of success from Thursday until November 12. Bring the elbow grease AND the leadership skills. Be proactive about pursuing your dreams. A promotion, new job, or serious accolades could come your way.

Sunday’s lunar (full moon) eclipse in Aries could also put your name on the map. Let your flamboyant side out to play this weekend. Your daring moves could catch influencers’ attention. Romantically, the eclipse could speed up events. A simmering attraction could heat into a rip-your-clothes-off boil — or, a combustible coup de grâce. Either way, there won’t be much mystery about anyone’s feelings by the time the weekend wraps.
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Illustrated by Lynnie Zulu.
Capricorn FTW! Your competitive spirit is stoked this Wednesday as the sun blazes into Libra and your ambitious tenth house until October 23. You’ve been spreading yourself pretty thin lately, but it’s time to focus on the one (or, okay, two) major milestones you want to pull off before 2015 is through. Your career could grow by leaps and bounds now and a helpful VIP could take you under their wing. Your entrepreneurial nature will be stoked, too, as motivator Mars moves through your indie-spirited ninth house from Thursday until November 12. If you’ve ever dreamed of owning a startup or working freelance, this is the time to explore. Traveling — even internationally — could be life-changing now. Just try to wait until Mercury retrograde ends on October 9 before jetting off to explore a far-flung locale.

Home demands your attention this weekend, thanks to Sunday’s lunar eclipse in Aries and your domestic fourth house. Call a house meeting to discuss the dirty dish situation or build up the courage to give that slacker roomie their eviction notice. Or maybe you just need to remember that you actually HAVE a home, not just a place to drop your suitcases between all those work engagements. Feathering your nest could become your autumnal obsession. A relative could crop up on your radar, requiring a little extra time or TLC this weekend. Bring on the bonding!
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Illustrated by Lynnie Zulu.
Load up your backpack, dig out your passport. Wanderlust strikes this Wednesday as the sun zips into your jet setting ninth house until October 23. Who cares if it isn’t technically high season for vacationers? Let your nomadic nature take a turn at the wheel — and enjoy those discounted hotel rates or couchsurf with your friends in far-flung ports. Although Mercury is retrograde until October 9, this doesn’t have to derail your travel plans. Just book reservations wisely and load up your Kindle and movie feed in case of delays. And will that be a room for one...or two? From Thursday until November 12, lusty Mars slinks through your erotic eighth house. Sexytime will be white-hot this fall, provided you find someone you can trust. For a change, you may feel impatient about taking relationships to the next level, but chill, Aquarius. Mars' energy can make one rash. This is a great time for making money through commission, real estate, or the sale of your barely worn couture on eBay.

Ready to bestow the BFF title? Sunday’s lunar eclipse in your house of kindred spirits could solidify a budding friendship. Someone who’s been hovering in the “cool acquaintance” category could show you the solid gold character he or she’s made of. If you’ve been pondering a creative collab or business partnership, this eclipse will make next steps clear. Move forward or move on: There’s no room for indecision after this. If you’re in the market for a new set of wheels, let the test-driving commence. But wait until Mercury turns direct on October 9 to drive anything off the lot. Someone from your family could even gift you a car, or maybe a sound system or mobile device — eclipses just bring those types of surprises.
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Illustrated by Lynnie Zulu.
Put down the selfie stick. This Wednesday, the sun slips into your intimate eighth house — a.k.a. “the chamber of secrets.” You’ll prefer to fly under the radar until October 23, using the private time to deepen your connection to a few VIPs. Pop by Agent Provocateur when you have a moment. This erotically charged solar spell could bring the perfect playmate to enjoy behind closed doors. With Mercury in retrograde until October 9, your bedroom buddy could even be a returning co-star from your past. Forget the no-strings fling, Pisces. Passionate Mars moves into your committed relationship zone from Thursday until November 12. You might just put a ring on it — or some ink, in the case of a business partnership or the lease for a shared apartment.

Sunday’s lunar eclipse hits your finance zone, amping up your moneymaking mojo. Keep your interview outfit pressed and ready. In the month that follows, a position you’ve been waiting for could open up or you could be handed a challenging assignment that builds your career cred. If it’s time to walk out of a dead-end gig, this eclipse hastens your departure. If you’ve been saving diligently, the eclipse green lights an upgrade. Think: Luxurious, but practical.
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Illustrated by Lynnie Zulu.
Stop clutching so tightly to your Independent Spirit Award. On Wednesday, September 23, the sun kicks off its monthlong tour of Libra and your partnership sector. While you’ve never been someone who NEEDS a relationship, you’re not immune to wanting one. Keep your searchbeams on for an attractive opposite who can pick up where you leave off. This goes for both the bedroom and the boardroom. An enticing proposal could land in your inbox over the coming four weeks. Essential: Have a lawyer read the fine print, since Mercury is retrograde until October 9.

One exception to all this doubling up action? On Sunday, a lunar eclipse in Aries lights up the skies! This is the third and final in a series that began October 2013. Sunday’s eclipse could push you into the public eye or attract some prominent attention for your accomplishments of late. Shameless self-promotion? Yes, please. You’ve earned your bragging rights, so don’t wait to be discovered. Open up about your grand ideas, Aries — even if they are still in the early R&D phase. Your competitive spirit is activated, too, so jump in the ring. Aries FTW!

Also this week, your ruling planet Mars zips into your systematic sixth house until November 12. Life hacks are great, but how about paring down to the essentials? Work smarter, not harder, by streamlining, organizing, and minimizing. New work could come your way and you’ll be busy at the office. Activate that ClassPass and roast some veggies — this Mars phase could spur an energy-boosting health kick, great for counteracting work-related stress.
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Illustrated by Lynnie Zulu.
Let the life hacking commence! With the sun heading into your savvy, systematic sixth house for a month this Wednesday, it’s time to streamline the way you do your days. Routines are a must for your pragmatic sign...but doesn’t “ritual” have a sexier ring to it? “No pain, no gain” is NOT the only way. Find more joy in your fitness choices and the healthy food you put on your plate. Make your desk a space of beauty that inspires productivity. And while you’ll be busy at the office between now and October 23, don’t forget that all work and no play makes Taurus a dull bull. On Thursday, scintillating Mars moves into your passionate, romantic fifth house until November 12, heating up your fall love forecast. Take the lead in affairs of the heart — just be careful not to come on too strong too soon. This Mars phase could catapult you to a new level of fame. Up your style game and get ready for your close-up.

On Sunday, a lunar (full moon) eclipse in Aries and your 12th house of completions helps you release something that’s no longer serving you. From an outmoded job to a limiting belief, give it up and you’ll gain something greater. Although change can be scary for your steadfast sign, you’ll feel much happier once you bolt the door behind you. Eclipses accelerate change. If you refuse to let go, fate might just do the work for you. Cry, scream, and break a few dishes if you must — but, please, don’t go running after something you know is so wrong for you.
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Illustrated by Lynnie Zulu.
Twirl! All the world’s your catwalk for the next four weeks. With the sun moving into compatible Libra — and your amorous, glamorous, fifth house — you’ll be quite the showstopper. Bring on the chunky-soled shoes, embroidered tunics, and statement coats! With Mercury in retrograde until October 9, dip into the retro pond and revive a style from back in the day. A leadership position is calling your name. Be proactive — and even competitive — and go after that brass ring. A romantic renaissance is also in the cards. Open your heart and give Cupid a clear shot. For some Gems, that might just mean playing house. With lusty Mars snuggling into your domestic sector from Thursday until November 12, some of the sexiest moments will happen behind closed doors. Feather your boudoir, because you could soon be entertaining a “winter warmer.” (And no, we’re not talking about a Pumpkin Spice Latte...) In a relationship? You could soon be setting up a co-habitation station or playing meet the parents.

On Sunday, you’ll catch a whiff of team spirit. The lunar eclipse in Aries lights up your 11th house of community, proving that there is strength in numbers. Scrap the solo routine and get the band back together. Success is in the stars — IF you pick the right collaborators, that is. Be discerning and vet people on a stricter set of criteria. You don’t want to get stuck pulling the weight for a bunch of all-style-no-substance slackers. If you can’t find your tribe in real time, hop online. A status update could connect you to a crew that shares common ground.
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Illustrated by Lynnie Zulu.
Let visions of reclaimed wood coffee tables, crystal chandeliers, and vintage teapots dance through your head. This Wednesday, the sun nestles into Libra and your cozy fourth house for a month. Home is where your heart is once again, so make sure your space feels like a comfortable oasis. Already feathered your nest? Invite your inner circle of close friends and family to hang at Chateau Cancer. Host out-of-town guests (especially members of your girl gang) or throw a legendary dinner party for your peeps. With Mercury in retrograde until October 9, this is the perfect time to reunite with loved ones you haven’t seen for awhile. Make new friends, too! On Thursday, go-getter Mars moves into your garrulous third house, turning you into a social butterfly until November 12. A writing project or creative collaboration could take off at lightning speed. Mars energy can be rash, however. Think before you speak/text/tweet to avoid an “open mouth, insert Chelsea boot” gaffe.

The week wraps with a glowing lunar eclipse in Aries and your 10th house of accomplishment. In the month that follows, you could lock down a prestigious career opportunity or rise through the ranks at your current 9-to-5. Bye-bye, boho chic. Give the #iwokeuplikethis schtick a rest and put your most professional foot forward. If you want to attract more money, dressing for success is part of the game.
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Illustrated by Lynnie Zulu.
Who is the Gigi to your Bella, the Kylie to your Kendall? With the sun grooving into Libra and your house of kindred spirits until October 23, make it a sister act. Finding qualified collaborators won’t be hard now; you could even join forces with the so-called competition for a chart-topping success. Action heats up on the local scene and you could become a regular fixture at a neighborhood joint. Nothing going on in your zip code? Team up with a local coffee shop, bar, or yoga studio to get things buzzing.

While your extracurricular calendar will fill up quickly, don’t overcommit yourself. Work is going to be super busy from Thursday until November 12 as go-getter Mars cruises through your money house. Give your budget a thorough review. You may need to go on a temporary austerity plan to keep the lights on. Don’t fixate there; instead, put your energy towards increasing your income. A raise, promotion, or a new job could be in the stars by mid-November.

The week wraps with a major live-out-loud moment. On Sunday, the lunar (full moon) eclipse in Aries doses you with truth serum. All your secret thoughts, opinions, bottled-up rants, and feelings could come out in an uncensored rush. Warning: This could get messy, so try to use a few filters. Nevertheless, someone’s gotta call out the neon pink elephant in the room — and it looks like that job is yours. Make sure your passport is up to date: An opportunity to travel could pop up out of the blue!

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