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Brazilian Artist Karol Conka Opens Up About Discrimination, Self-Esteem & Personal Style

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Karol Conka isn’t your average rapper.

With killer confidence, a style all her own, and a sound that blends pop, R&B and traditional Brazilian music, Karol (with a K) is an artist to watch. We recently headed to Curitiba, Brazil, where she brought us into her bright and colorful world. Here, Karol showed us how she has come to fully embrace her true self and take advantage of her differences.

"As a black woman living in the ghetto, I thought, I must have something interesting that other artists don't have," she said.

It's great to see someone owning it, so boldly, like she does. "She's not concerned about what people will think about her, not only as an artist but as a person," said fellow musician / producer Madu.

In Sound Off with Karol, the artist discussed the importance of her travels, her favorite place in the world and how she embraces her "weird style." Also, take note of her signature pink hair.

She is a prime example of how being yourself is the ultimate cool factor.

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A documentary series that follows new musicians around the globe to explore how style, culture, and place both reflect and influence their music.

Brazilian Rapper Karol ConkaReleased on July 28, 2015