Everyone Would Be A Vegetarian If Meat Looked Like This

Photo: Courtesy of Twitter.
I am, very decidedly, not a vegetarian. But I often wonder how I would feel if the food system wasn’t set up in a way that allowed me to remain completely removed from the idea that meat was once a living, breathing animal. Would I be able to eat chicken, pork, or beef if I had to raise, kill, and prepare the animals myself? One artist in Japan is touching upon some similar questions (and freaking out a lot of people in the process) by preparing plates of pork that look like adorable little pigs.

At first glance, it seems as though someone was able to turn a pork cutlet into the spitting image of Piglet. But in reality, the plates of “food” are plastic replicas created by @nagaosample as a serious comment on the world’s current food systems. The pigs are also available for purchase on the artist’s website. RocketNews24 reports that people are largely terrified by the art. And after seeing the pigs in cutlet form or in a giant bowl of “pork” soup, viewers definitely aren’t rushing out to chow down on a plate of the real thing.

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