This Shark Attack Footage Will Truly Terrify You

Photo: Kelly Cestari/WSL/Getty Images.
Sharknado 3 comes out next week, but who needs that when Mother Nature seems to be giving us the real deal every few days or so?

Australian professional surfer Mick Fanning was left uninjured but shaken following his brush with a shark today. Fanning was competing in the J-Bay Open in Jeffrey's Bay, South Africa when a great white shark appeared. Video footage of the frightening encounter, which you can watch below, shows a large dorsal fin popping up next to the surfer. Fanning can be seen struggling with the shark before a wave blocks the view. As the announcer himself says on camera, "holy shit."

Fortunately, Fanning was able to fend off the animal and was rescued by a jet ski. The World Surf League cancelled the rest of the event, praising Fanning''s "composure and quick acting." As Outside notes, it's the first time a pro surfer has been attacked in a competition.

“I’m tripping out right now," Fanning later told the World Surf League. "I just saw the footage of the attack. I was just waiting for my opportunity in the heat and I knew Julian [another surfer] was down the point. I was just about to start paddling and I had this instinct that something was behind me. And then the shark came up from behind me and attacked. I got pulled under water and was being dragged under by my leg rope. Then it kicked me off and I punched it a couple of times. Then my leg rope broke and I was just swimming. I was yelling at Julian to get away but he was coming towards me to help. What a legend. Then I was just readying myself for it to come at me again so I turned around, hoping I could at least see it coming. And then before I knew it the boat was there and I was safe.”

Truly terrifying. We might just stick to the kiddie pool for a few days (or forever).

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